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  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business changes files

    Posted on April 24th, 2014 at 08:49 woody No comments

    Office files get diddled – and there’s no change in the timestamp.

    Scary, but it’s an old problem that’s getting coverage in the past few days.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

  • Windows 8.1 Update becomes the new “baseline”

    Posted on April 24th, 2014 at 08:22 woody 2 comments

    There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

    Windows Secrets Newsletter Top Story.

  • Microsoft confuses Windows 7 users with sudden release of KB 2952664

    Posted on April 24th, 2014 at 06:36 woody No comments

    Unless you intend to do an in-place upgrade from Win7 to Win8, you can skip this one.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

  • Microsoft may actually be on the right track with Windows 9

    Posted on April 23rd, 2014 at 18:48 woody 2 comments

    I have big hopes for Windows 9. Seriously. The dev team seems to be firing on all cylinders.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

  • KB 2919355: You can’t patch the desktop like a phone

    Posted on April 21st, 2014 at 19:50 woody 5 comments

    I’m beginning to think that’s the core problem. The new Windows regime — who seem to be doing an excellent job on many counts — are trying to make Windows updating much more phone-like. There’s no problem with that, really, if they inform everybody well in advance, and let us all plan around it. But this sudden “Install KB 2919355 now (if you can), or you won’t get any more patches” is for the birds.

    Kinda funny, given Terry Myerson’s long exposure to the server side.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

  • What should I do right now?

    Posted on April 19th, 2014 at 08:34 woody 8 comments

    I just got a good set of questions from an old friend. Figured many of you may be asking yourselves the same thing. Here’s what he asked:

    1. My windows 8 was updated to 8.1. Now I read about “8.1 update”. Is that 8.1 or is that a further update onto 8.1. Where I’m from, it would mean a further update and then I would expect it to be 8.2 or 8.1.1. However your interpretation could differ.

     Unfortunately, what you saw is correct. The official name for the key patch to Windows 8.1 is called “Windows 8.1 Update.” (I’m always careful to capitalize “Update.”) Add it to a long list of obfuscating terms from Microsoft. Windows 8.1 Update is sort of like a Windows 8.1.1 or Windows 8.2, but not exactly. Microsoft requires you to install Windows 8.1 Update, in order to receive future security patches for Windows 8.1.

    There aren’t any security patches for Windows 8.1 dangling at the moment, so I suggest that Windows 8.1 users just wait until Microsoft fixes the bloody patch. Rest assured, Windows 8.1 Update will be, uh, updated — they have to fix it because it’s such an ornery patch. When Microsoft updates Windows 8.1 Update, I have no idea what they’ll call it. Most likely, they won’t change the name at all.

    Watch here for details. It’s a hot topic.

    2. I read that MS will discontinue support to 8.1. Does that mean they will stop fixing problems or what?

     In particular, MS will stop issuing new security patches for Windows 8.1, effective May 13. (Unless MS changes its mind — something they should be contemplating at this very moment.) Right now, the lack of patches isn’t a big deal. In May, it will be. See the answer to #1.

    3. What should I do right now? a) Nothing, wait; b) Update 8.1 to what? and How? and Where?

     If you have Windows 8 (in other words, you didn’t upgrade to Windows 8.1), I suggest that you just sit tight and see how Microsoft handles this whole kerfuffle. If you have Windows 8.1, I suggest you wait until Microsoft has fixed the Windows 8.1 Update. In either case, waiting is the best thing to do. In my opinion. 

    4. Should I continue to install any updates that automatically appear in Windows Update?

    It’d be a good idea, this month more than most months, to wait until I give the “all clear” here on AskWoody. When things look good enough, I’ll try to give full details.

  • Microsoft tends to enterprise Windows users — but kicks consumers to the curb

    Posted on April 18th, 2014 at 19:25 woody No comments

    There’s a whole lot going on in the world of Windows 8, right now.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

  • Microsoft fixes Windows 8.1 Update for corporate WSUS servers

    Posted on April 17th, 2014 at 04:22 woody No comments

    … and extends the corporate (corporate only!) Windows 8.1 Update cutoff to August.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch