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  • The “elusive” Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

    Posted on June 30th, 2010 at 07:16 EP 14 comments

    Ed Bott of ZDNet blogs about the “elusive” Office Starter Edition 2010, which most people haven’t heard about. Microsoft has allowed OEMs to pre-install Office Starter Edition 2010 on brand new computers that have Windows 7.

    This Starter edition of Office 2010 only comes with Excel and Word and comes with the programs basic features. However, the Starter edition does include some ads though the ads aren’t as bad as people may think they are.

    Of course, if you want to remove the “ads” in the Starter edition or get advanced features of Excel & Word, you will have to purchase a full version of Microsoft Office 2010.

    Fortunately, Office Starter 2010 never expires. You can use it as long as you own your computer.

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    14 Responses to “The “elusive” Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition”

    1. rc primak says:

      All the new laptops I’ve been looking at (Gateway, Dell, Toshiba) seem to have either Works 9 or trialware versions of MS Office Home and Student preinstalled, not Office Starter.

    2. EP says:

      well, rc primak, you should ask Ed Bott himself what kinds of new computers (laptops and desktops) that do bundle Office Starter.

      lately you seem to have been looking at the wrong place.

    3. bob primak says:

      A brand-new Toshiba Satellite A665-S6056 is hardly “older technology”. And mine came with Works 9 pre-installed, purchased at The Micro Center on July 2, 2010. So the “discontinued” Works 9 is still being offered on new laptops, with Office Starter Edition nowhere in sight. And they also pre-installed trialware versions of Office 2007 Standard Edition and Office 2007 Home and Student.

      I tried to uninstall both Office versions, but the Home and Student uninstaller popped up a message that the language selected is not supported by the operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit) and I cannot get MS Updates to stop offering Ofice updates even after going to several websites and running cleanup tools for failed uninstalls of MS Office 2007.

      So that’s what happened to me in the real world, and I doubt that I am anywhere near alone.

      @EP and Woody — Go shopping in real USA stores for actual laptops on the shelves before declaring which software is being included in OEM installations at this time.

      • woody says:

        @Bob –

        MS has discontinued Works. That doesn’t mean hardware manufacturers have discontinued Works! The fact that they’re offering Office 2007 on the same machines is indicative….

    4. John says:

      Office 2010 starter is preloaded. I just got a HP desktop. My question revolves around uninstalling Office starter, and then installing Office 2010 Pro. Are people having issues with Office 2010 starter and then upgrading to full version?

      • woody says:

        @John –

        I haven’t heard of any problems. Just follow the instructions to type in the new key – you don’t even need to install any more software (although there will be a bunch of patches waiting for you).

    5. Fred says:

      I am having problems opening Office Starter 2010. I get a pop-up that wants me to enter an upgrade key or buy an upgrade on-line. It also says to go to the start menu to open Office Starter. When I follow those directions, I get the pop-up again. Help!

      • woody says:

        @Fred –

        I’m not sure how to do it, but I bet somebody on the Lounge knows. In the upper right corner of this page, click the link that says “Ask a Windows or Office question.” There are hundreds of volunteers who answer all sorts of questions….

    6. Dan P says:

      I have a Dell PC and Office 2010 starter edition was preloaded. When we attempt to open it says error, must be installed on Q: drive. We have Quickbooks installed and already mapped to Q; drive. What do you recommend?

    7. Thomas says:

      Interesting, I just bought a new laptop with the starter office 2010. I am having an issue with it. It seams that after I open word, excel or PDF-Complete documents then close them and the program also the win7pro SP1 will not let me delete or move the folder or the file for that matter. I am hoping that by purchasing a key that these program will be fixed. I have to restart the laptop to be able to carry out the function. If anybody else has any other input on this issue I’d love to here from you. Thanks

    8. django says:

      i installed full 2010 and it got rid of the starter edition (word/excel). bugger. that was useful and i wanted to keep it as you could load it on to and run from a usb.

      fred you sherbet dip, you need to click on the starter edition folder, not the link to the full package.

    9. Terri says:

      Have a compaq with office starter 2010 on it and it acts like it’s going to install then after step 4 comes up with an error message that “there was a problem trying to install …..”. Gives you a suggestion to try it again. Did that with same results. Any ideas? Windows 7

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