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  • Firefox 3.6 final released, and NO Firefox is NOT “doomed” at all

    Posted on January 21st, 2010 at 23:47 EP 10 comments

    Several months since Firefox 3.5 was released back at the end of June 2009, the final release of Firefox 3.6 has just been posted today. Read this Softpedia article on the details of this latest Firefox release.

    Firefox 3.6 can be obtained from the official Mozilla Firefox page.

    And a few days ago, I stumbled onto this Infoworld.com article speculating Firefox’s imminent demise or “doom”, which many Firefox users find hard to believe.

    UPDATE: A blog was published on the Gigaom.com site about the middle of last week in rebuttal to that Infoworld.com article.

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    10 Responses to “Firefox 3.6 final released, and NO Firefox is NOT “doomed” at all”

    1. rc primak says:

      Woody, thanks for reading that Randall C. Kennedy article at Infoworld.com I mentioned. As I say, RCK is no fanboy of anything Open Source, and he has bashed Ubuntu Linux ever since Version 6.

      But beyond that criticism, I must say that Firefox is in a hard place between IE on the one hand and the growing popularity (noted by a recent PC World article) of Google Chrome. I agree that Firefox will go on for some time, but as Chrome picks up steam, the real race may indeed be between Chrome and IE, at least looking two years out. Firefox will not go away, but it may not remain the Number Two Browser behind IE9 (looking at what will be available two yeares from now).

    2. EP says:

      There’s been a discussion on RCK’s outrageous Firefox article at this mozillaZine forum thread.

      check out what one of the forum moderators said there, rc primak.

      On a more serious note, Firefox 3.6 runs pretty well on my WinXP SP3 machine. just need to try it out on the Vista laptop and see how it performs.

    3. rc primak says:

      “Why Randall C. Kennedy is Doomed” is about right.

      Also, my comment at Infoworld.com:

      “What have you (RCK) been smoking, and is there enough so that I can have some too?”

    4. Tim says:


      I’ve upgraded to Firefox 3.6, but now I’m having issues with its compatibility with Facebook.

      Specifically, Firefox isn’t loading my FB games like, Mobsters 2 properly.

      Have you heard of any issues like this? It’s forcing me to use, IE because it does run my FB games.

    5. Tim says:

      I just downloaded the latest version of Safari and Facebook apps work perfectly on it, so the problem is definitely with Firefox.

    6. rc primak says:

      I had a problem with the Personas Plug-in and Firefox Themes during this upgrade. I believe there is a bug in Personas for Firefox 3.6. I have posted to The Lounge about this, and I am updating my posts today. This is a real gotcha, and I think it is undocumented at Mozilla’s site. I have added my comments to an existing BugZilla report about this issue.

      I don’t know how many Firefox users have been using Personas, but I suspect we are more than a few.

      Interested readers should proceed to The Lounge before upgrading. There’s at least one active thread there about this, and maybe a few other, known or suspected bugs in Firefox 3.6. Read Before Upgrading.

    7. EP says:

      speaking of The Lounge, rc primak, I have attempted to register at the Lounge for several days using either my yahoo or hotmail email account and have NOT received any confirmation/verification email allowing me to make any posts on the Lounge. my frustration is almost growing with that site. and I was using Firefox 3.6 to sign up to that site.

    8. EP says:

      At last, I’ve gotten a confirmation email from the Windows Secrets Lounge last night allowing me to post there. a little long overdue but it got through. better late than never.

      Facebook and Firefox 3.6 issue discussed in Bug 536900. Facebook will attempt to resolve the issue and make their apps and their site more compatible with Firefox 3.6.

      This blog has been updated to link an article in response to Infoworld’s blog on Firefox being doomed.

    9. rc primak says:

      EP —

      I am sure we all regret the inconvenience of your sign-up experience with The Lounge. But the hassle was well worth the effort, wasn’t it? Not just because I post there a lot!

      I have downgraded my suspected bug to a feature change in Personas which was poorly configured during the upgrade process. My Lounge Posts have been substantially revised, and I posted a cleaned-up summary of all my recent posts to the Firefox User Support Forums in the following Support Thread:


      There’s an “about:config” fix also posted there which may help if this issue bites anyone else.

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