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  • Open source slammed in US government sponsored meeting

    Posted on August 27th, 2011 at 09:04 woody 5 comments

    Last year, the US govt sponsored a meeting with Thai govt agency heads in Chiang Mai. In the meeting, the Microsoft rep “expressed concern over the [Thai government’s] Creative Economy policy of promoting the “open source” software model over the “commercial source” model as a means to curb piracy.”

    In the same meeting, the Business Software Alliance rep “urged the [Thai government] not to favor open source over commercial source. He argued that (1) the open source model has been shown to have an insignificant impact on reducing software piracy; and (2) by focusing on an open source policy, the [Thai government] signals the market to stunt the development of commercial source software, which in turn undermines Thailand’s ability to fully service market needs.”

    Our tax dollars at work, eh?

    Wikileaks cable. See paragraphs 9 and 10.

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    5 Responses to “Open source slammed in US government sponsored meeting”

    1. PaulBlack says:

      True ei. they have the strong will to say all of this. Lets talk about products that lasts would do good?
      since the start of Planned Obsolescence consumers are left helpless. when you have a complaint they are going to make it difficult. consumers controlled.

    2. Mr.Grumpy says:

      From the article:
      “and said Microsoft was “very
      pleased” that Thailand’s software piracy rate has decreased by two percent a year since 2006.”

      First, how do they measure such a thing?

      Second, at this rate it will be another 45 years before they stamp out piracy completely.

      How is this credible?

    3. RexOfRome says:

      I don’t know what they are talking about, ever since I switched to Linux I stopped pirating software.

    4. sethness says:

      The title there is a bit misleading. It should say, “Predictably, commercial software reps try to con the Thai government into thinking that open source software is somehow bad for everyone.” It’s not. It’s just bad for the schmucks who want to preserve their profit margin. It’s also silly of these commercial profiteers to suggest that embracing open source doesn’t have a positive impact on piracy. For pete’s sake, do these profiteers think we’re easily confused children? Software piracy in Thailand is popular only because the public doesn’t know that open source is free, legal, and almost as easy to use as massively expensive programs like MS Office, Windows, and Adobe Photoshop.

      Let’s not honor those propagandists FUDpackers by repeating their silly words without pointing out how patently silly their talking points are.

    5. rc primak says:


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