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  • MS-DEFCON 2: Make sure you have automatic updates turned off

    Posted on March 14th, 2012 at 07:26 woody 6 comments

    Microsoft released a bumper crop of Black Tuesday patches.

    At this point, if you don’t use Remote Desktop, there’s nothing particularly interesting. If you have a Windows Server and you use Remote Desktop, you should look at MS12-020, per this SANS advisory.

    Hang in there. Let’s see how this bunch shakes out.

    I’m moving us up to MS-DEFCON 2: Patch reliability is unclear. Unless you have an immediate, pressing need to install a specific patch, don’t do it.

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    6 Responses to “MS-DEFCON 2: Make sure you have automatic updates turned off”

    1. Paul Soutar says:

      I have a desktop and laptop – both running 32 bit Windows 7 and Office 2010… on both machines, the Office patches have locked up Word and Outlook, with “Word/Outlook has stopped working” messages… these then appear to search for possible fixes, but neither of which gives any fix… it just kills the application! The only solution I’ve found is to uninstall all the Office patches. I’m not about to waste time hunting for one or more offending patches in the suite.

      MS – this ain’t good enough!

    2. jd says:

      Woody, have you ever heard of this problem while installing updates on Vista SP2 system: Upon restart, get a screen that says Please Wait, then desktop appears and the toolbar is white, and get an error message, “Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service”. I have had this now with 2 updates KB2655428 from Feb and also KB2564958 from Oct. I uninstall the updates and everything is fine. I have searched Google and found nothing about this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

    3. Paul Soutar says:

      @woody – yes – autoinstall had hit for the Windows and Office Patches, and I individually manually uninstalled all of the Office patches released on 14th March…. i.e.
      the three security updates for Office, plus the separate ones for PowerPoint and Visio and
      the Definition Update for Office.

      Since then, the system has remained stable.. I had to do the same on my laptop, which is running the same base stack.

    4. Teresa says:

      woody i have a program that installed on my computer and cant get rid of it blinkx beat it comes on showing video clips adobe flashplayer keeps asking to install files and it looks like a big red b with white eyeball and a black dot i run windows vista home premium was from dell on laptop xps m1530 i have never had so many problems with issues and problems in my life such as driver shut down and updates i have a dell computer running vista from hell

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