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  • Don’t bury Microsoft yet

    Posted on January 22nd, 2013 at 20:35 woody 1 comment

    So a Forbes blogger says, “game over.”

    I say “Yeah, right.”

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

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    One Response to “Don’t bury Microsoft yet”

    1. sanda says:

      I read the article. Lots I didn’t know about how they earn their money.
      Just saw that Microsoft is releasing the Surface Pro tablet on Feb.8 and selling it in Staples and BestBuy as well as their “stores”. Type cover in 3 “limited edition” colors… (The RT was initially only available from Microsoft – “pop up stores” and website. “Pop up stores” was news to me in Oct. Never heard of them before. Was one in Times Square, NYC.

      Price is as rumored…Already got a rare review on CNET a week ago (which I just fund this morning).

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