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  • Finger Gestures

    Posted on October 8th, 2013 at 13:18 admin 7 comments

    Cartoon poking fun at tablet finger gestures

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    7 Responses to “Finger Gestures”

    1. Bill Ingram says:

      Leave him alone, Woody. Your gestures (& mine) will just make things worse! 😉

    2. axkramer says:

      I knew what the second panel would be before I saw it, but it was still funny. Thanks for the chuckle to start my day. Locally, we actually had a man charged by the police for just such a gesture in a traffic incident.

    3. Kaite says:

      LOL! I like it.

    4. Van says:

      Lame is the word.


    5. Sethness says:

      I was inspired to do this cartoon when Woody (I think it was Woody) showed me a YouTube video several years ago: youtube dot com slash watch?v=aXV-yaFmQNk in which a baby tries to use finger gestures to resize pictures in a magazine.

      I’m happy that the actual rude gesture doesn’t appear, it’s only implied– like old movies in which a murder is only showed in a shadow on a wall, etc. We can even imagine that this fictional Woody is just trolling to wind up his wife, and wouldn’t have actually shown his kid how to …errrmm… “digitally” manipulate traffic. To me, direct rudeness in comedy is like smothering food in hot sauce: it destroys the nuanced flavor & turns off most folks.

      The real Woody… I can’t picture him using a gesture like this. In the 5+ years I’ve known him, the only 4-letter rude word I’ve heard him use has been “Win8”. ;^) I’ve never seen him use “the finger”.

      Compared to Woody, I’m far more susceptible to doing this kind of thing, since I’m a congenital New Yorker & still in therapy to remove the last remaining portions of my New York attitude. I’m in Hawaii now, and my therapist/travel agent says I’m well on the road to recovery & a good tan.

      Steve Ballmer, a.k.a. The Chair Thrower, though… HIM I could totally picture using..uhh.. “digital” expressions, especially when discussing “blip on the radar” Google & famously throwing chairs.

    6. Sethness says:

      I’m glad to hear that the law is catching up with such driver distractions. I’ll be happier when the law also encompasses preventing roadside distractions like businesses using spinning red or blue “cop” and “fireman” lights to attract drivers’ attention to their businesses. I’ve seen instances where lawmen’ve objected roadside distractions such as for-sale signs on cars parked at intersections.

      That being said, I personally feel that cussing and digital expressions are cathartic and healthy when used in private and aimed at inanimate objects like hammers, yard-thick snow covering the driveway, frozen Windows, and George W. Bush’s brain (never present people or pets, who have feelings which can be hurt). There’ve actually been tests which objectively show that cursing makes things 30% more tolerable / less painful. (For an example, download Stephen Fry’s TV series “planet word”. Episode 3 starring Brian Blessed and a bucket of icewater is the relevant episode, IIRC. There’s also MythBusters episode about it. More sensitive viewers, listen instead to this Unitarian minister’s sermon, “grin and swear it”: youtube dot com slash watch?v=ItxjbjOTltY ).

      As Shakespeare’s Cleopatra says about Marc Antony ( books dot google dot com slash books?id=mp8NAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA740&lpg=PA740&dq=shakespeare+”like+dolphins” ), we’re like dolphins, half submerged in a lower world and half elevated to a higher world. Even with our noble intentions and power to reason, we’re not Spock nor a hand calculator. We’re half dumb monkey, with all the animal instinct to rage and curse which that implies.

      When it comes to cussing when people are around, I try to save up lists of funny expressions that break the mood rather than inflame the situation: expressions like “For rice cake~~!” and “Gee whiskers~~!” and “May the fleas of a thousand camels find refuge in that man’s tent tonight”. In best-case scenarios, the mock-curse makes my point memorable & makes me sound more intelligent than a person cursing / making finger gestures.

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