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  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 problems – and Adobe Flash updates

    Posted on November 15th, 2013 at 07:08 woody 45 comments

    This just in from EP:

    Adobe has released new security updates for Flash Player versions 11.7 and 11.9 for Windows in Adobe security bulletin APSB13-26: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb13-26.html

    There are some problems with Internet Explorer 11 under both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

    First problem – Google and Outlook Web Access don’t seem to work correctly with IE11 on Win8.1 as mentioned at The Register site: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/10/21/internet_explorer_11_breaks_google_outlook_web_access/

    Second problem – blurry fonts occurring on IE11 on Win7 SP1 as mentioned in this recent Softpedia.com article: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Internet-Explorer-11-for-Windows-7-Blurry-Font-Issues-398251.shtml

    In short, those using any version of Windows with Adobe Flash Player should install the most recent flash player security updates. And those using Windows 7 should be using either IE9 or IE10 but do not upgrade Internet Explorer to IE11 until the problems with IE11 get resolved.

     Thanks, as always, EP!


    45 responses to “Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 problems – and Adobe Flash updates”

    1. In the updates IE11 isn’t even checked which is fine with me!

    2. EP’s mail is interesting – I did Black Tuesdays updates [Win 7] including IE11. Videos from sports sites would not run and the problem was with Silverlight. Kept telling me to install and then told me I already had the current version. In tandem to this I kept getting Flash updates which I already had. There was a utilities program I run which wouldn’t after the updates.[Tuneup Utilities 2014] I restored back to pre Black Tuesday and all was well. I have to work out which of the upgrades was causing me the grief!

    3. I had problems with ie 11 and flash. I would download and install, but on restart it would say I needed the new ver of flash. went through this several times, finally restored back to ie 9. I never got ie 10 to work either.

    4. Same thing here with 10, had to restore back to 9… and my flash still isn’t working; have to use Chrome to watch videos. Also, my SimplePass would not work with 10. Think I’ll wait a bit longer to try 11.

    5. Yes I’m having problems with my flash player for IE 11 when I upgraded to Win 8.1.
      Web site keeps asking to upgrade to the latest flash player but when I do Adobes web site says flash player installed already and some thing about it being integrated in the operating system. Contacted Microsoft three time no help.
      First time told me it was Adobe update problem.
      Second time had to reinstall YouTube app.(Seemed to help).
      Third time was told it was the web sites them selves problem.
      Doesn’t make since to me because Google chrome still works fine.
      I am a computer novice and was really starting to like Windows 8 Start Screen.
      I was excited about the new features with 8.1 but now I’m just frustrated.

    6. @Victor -

      Hard to say, but if I had to guess, I’d say the web site itself – the one that’s telling you that you need a later Flash Player – is at fault.

      ON the other hand, many people are reporting problems with Flash under IE 11. See, for example, http://news.softpedia.com/news/Flash-Not-Working-on-Internet-Explorer-11-for-Some-Users-398893.shtml

    7. Fixed Flash player for IE 11


      Don’t know if this link works.
      Here is what I did to fix flash problem.
      Had to reset IE 11

      Go to Control Panel then click Network and Internet click Internet Options that should take you to the Internet Properties window click the Advanced tab then find the Reset Internet Explore Settings button click on it and a warning comes up (Are you sure you want to reset) click that button and when it done resetting (Green check marks) restart computer.

      Worked for me.

      Flash player is working on all my web sites now.
      Hope this helps other with the same problem.


    8. Same problem others have reported. Win7 and IE 11 for sure cause a problem with Adobe Flash Player. It’s obvious Microsoft isn’t too concerned – they have moved on to Win8 and those of us who haven’t, well, uninstall 11 and go back to 10, 9 or 8, whichever works best for you. Seriously makes a guy think of using Chrome or Firefox…

    9. Similar problems, Intel driver update site doesn’t even install/seek correctly. Went back to IE10 all is well until next time…

    10. I thought that it might be a good time to retry IE, but BIG mistake.
      I have had the same problems + Skype doesn’t work even.
      So having restored to yesterday’s date it’s back to FireFox.

    11. To get IE11 in a Windows 7, 64 bit machine to work, 3 commonly used portals require a workaround, a one time compatibility adjustment, or constant compatibility adjustment. One other site has a part that doesn’t work at all. Everything worked fine in IE10 and before. In IE11:

      1. On a fresh Google page, a Google search lists in a “legacy” listing. To workaround, select image in the legacy list. When the image page shows up, select Web. The correct functioning google search page then shows up on the search item and the page works properly on any new search item.

      2. The MSN (Microsoft?!) Wonderwalls page does not function unless MSN is in the Compatibility List, a one time adjustment.

      3. Yahoo require two compatibility settings. To view the video stories selector (and the ad on top), only the 1st five video stories (the rest are blank) are shown unless the Compatibility menus’ “Use Microsoft Compatibility Lists” is unchecked. To view an actual video when one selects a video story, the “Use Microsoft Compatibility Lists” has to be checked. If you switch back and forth, the said box has to be checked and unchecked appropriately.

      4. Everything works on a saved weather channel page except the menu for editing the stored weather locations does not function at all. The past weather locations saved with past IE versions are now permanent and uneditable.

      Comcast’s portal and most independent sites work without a hitch.

      I have never had any problems before with IE (ignoring Vista). I have two laptops like this. One still has IE11 on it. I waited for the latest update but it did nothing. I will probably go back to IE10. When will they fix this nonsense?!

    12. This problem persisted from IE10 to IE11 on I’m running Windows 7 SP1.

      Whenever I tried watching a Flash video, it would prompt me to install Flash, I’d install Flash, then went through the same process again. Groundhog day!

      Then I went to Internet Options>Security>Custom Level>Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player>select Enable

      I’d searched many different solutions until I came across the above by pure chance and it worked. Hope I’ve restored someones belief in IE and Flash by signing up and typing this up!

      Happy browsing!

    13. I ended up with IE 11 after an automatic update. Some of my regular sites wouldn’t work, my ‘gadgets’ were all blurry, the ‘numberlock’ on my keyboard wasn’t lighting up, so many things were just not right. So, I did a system restore and told automatic updates to ask me before installing, that way I won’t get it again.
      What a pain. Someone as huge as Microsoft should be able to get it right first time, every time.

    14. @Dev_man -

      Cool trick. I hadn’t seen that one.

    15. Remove all cookies in IE11 and flash will work.

    16. internet explorer 10 & 11 causes problems with web connect. will not allow me to use a program with web connect. still using internet explorer 9. does anyone know a fix for this.

    17. Simple fix. Go to tools (alt x), safety, and un-check active x filtering. Solved my you tube problems, mp3 clip problems at amazon. Adding outlook website to compatibility mode fixed outlook web site.

    18. Also fixed flash problems as well.

    19. Also, if you do not want to turn off active x filtering for all sites, you can turn them off for individual sites. When you visit the page, click the blue circle with a line through it, next to the address bar and click turn of active x. It will turn it off for that particular site.

    20. Here’s a quick solution – although IE11 add-ons are showing flash as enabled, IE11 has removed it and won’t re-download)

      Close down IE11, using chrome, download the latest flash file at


      then close all browsers & run the exe file to load flash.


    21. I was forced by my bank to upgrade to ie;11 now my computer has problems with desktop themes most websites freeze after 20-30 minutes of browsing and I have trouble paying my Virgin phone bill because their website has issues with IE;11 why did we need the upgrade in the first place???
      everything was working fine and fast.
      you tech heads have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR.
      NOT HAPPY .

    22. @Pinken -

      Tell your bank to shove it. IE 10 is currently the most stable alternative. And if they won’t run with Chrome or Firefox, get a different bank!

    23. Something I found interesting after the update to IE 11, Java was disabled. On one system it was removed. I re-installed Java and turned off the Pop up blocker. Suddenly Flash player was able to update and function properly.

    24. would download but would not transfer to the report

    25. Woke up this morning to find out IE 11 had downloaded itself, shut my computer down and erased my favorites, documents, disc clean-up and I don’t know what else. How can they do this without my permission??? Does anyone know how I can undo all this?? I’m afraid a system restore will just make things worse and probably won’t bring back my favorites or documents. I do have a back up disc I made several months ago. Perhaps I will try downloading it to see if I can get anything back. Oh, another thing, they took my Microsoft word 3 out and put Microsoft office 10 in but of course I still need to pay for it! What’s up with these people!!!

    26. I have internet explorer 11 with window 7 The flash player 12 install but did not work. Right click upper right gear then turn off active x filter and smart screen filter. This work fine to look at map direction.


      I had problems with ie 11 and flash. I would download and install, but on restart it would say I needed the new ver of flash. went through this several times, finally restored back to ie 9. I never got ie 10 to work either.

    28. Hello….I am having similar problems, and am using windows 7.

    29. Dev_man : your advice worked perfectly..thank you

    30. Running Win 7 64 bit and IE 11. Microsoft website video will not play. It says to install Silverlight. But, Silverlight is already installed. Used Mr. Fix and uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight. This time it is Silverlight 64 bit. Still doesn’t play the video on the MS site. And still prompts me to install Silverlight, but says it is already installed. This is madness. Any thoughts?

    31. @Mike -

      I gave up on Silverlight many moons ago. Not sure what might be happening, but you could try to use a different browser.

    32. I have multiple Win 7 machines on my company’s network. All are 32 bit all have full updates/patches installed and are all running IE 11 and Chrome. Some of the machines have no issues with Flash websites and Flash video sites work just fine. Some of them will not play Flash at all not on Chrome or IE 11…go figure?

    33. @CJ -

      Weird. I rarely have problems with Flash on Chrome, but that’s not definitive by any means.

    34. Every since I dl IE11 my vids i send to my laptop from my phone does not have audio in WMP and my weather gadget is gone. Can I just go to restore and get back on IE 9 without having any backup discs?? Pls help

    35. Do I really have to uninstall IE 11 just to make my yahoo mail work correctly on Windows 7? I am a computer ignoramus, but I gather there was a new patch TODAY September 9, 2014, that may have created additional problems. Yahoo mail still works fine on my iPhone Safari (of course) but I need to do stuff on my laptop SOON.

    36. @Doug -

      If Yahoo Mail is working OK on your machine, DON’T install any IE updates. Let’s see if the pioneers get arrows in their backs.

    37. IE10 worked well with all of my websites.

      IE11 doesn’t work well with some of my important websites.

      I tried many suggestions, but I finally turned off IE and am using Firefox and Maxthon Nitro. No problems with them.

      Bob Marrs

    38. For Mike: Disable Active X filtering, and your problem with Silverlight not being able to play video’s will go away!

    39. Early versions of Adobe Flash Player did not require the use of Windows Media Player as the default media player. Read the licensing agreement for Adobe flash Player. You agree to use Windows Media player as your default media player. To do this: Start>Control Panel (view by small icons) Default Programs, click:Set Your Default Programs, in the left pane, highlight windows media player, and ensure that the program has all it’s defaults.Also set W.M.P. as the default program for all the file types and protocols it can open. Important: then click on Change Auto-play Settings. Set the options there to use W.M.P. for all the programs for where there is an option to do so-(after I.E. is working correctly you can change some of these settings to suit your preferences). Reason: you may have an outdated aftermarket media player installed on your computer that is out of date,and does not link to W.M.P., and unknown to you, that media player may be coming on automatically, and causing I.E. to crash. Additional steps that can be taken is: Open I.E. click the Tools icon, click Internet Options,click the advanced tab, and put a check mark in the box for: Use Software Rendering instead of GPU (Hardware Accelerated) Rendering. Also, go to the Programs tab, and make sure the add-on’s you desire to use are enabled. Also make sure Active X filtering is not blocking the Active X control you wish to use.

    40. Using win 7 pro with IE-11. MY E-Mail is Yahoo
      (Sbcglobal.net.) 64 bit. My problem: When I
      forward an E-mail It becomes reformmatted. The left side is cut off and every sentence starts
      With a ^ (rotated 90 degrees clockwise.) When I
      Forward the same message from my Android Tab the
      forwarded message Is ok. Any words of wisdom would be very much appreciated as I forward messages to a large group and receive flak accordingly. THANKS! JDB

    41. @Jimmy -

      Yikes. I don’t know Yahoo mail well enough to tell you. Perhaps someone else here does.

      Have you considered using Gmail? You can customize it to remove the > marks. Nobody will ever know you’re using Gmail.

    42. not sure if this is the same problem.
      I too have Win7 (home premium) fully updated.
      Have been running IE11 for several months not a problem. Also have automatic updates.

      My problem is that I could not enter enything in these text boxes. This would include any text box that requires id an/or password.
      to complete this I had to use Firefox.

      I did however find that if I opened IE11 “as administrator” it worked fine and I could enter texts and access accounts.

      Any suggestions of the cause. Like I said I am not sure if its the same.

    43. @MichaelY -

      Highly unlikely it’s the same problem. You probably have an add-in that’s giving IE 11 a hard time.

      Best bet is to head to answers.microsoft.com and give a detailed explaination.

    44. When I use search engine to look up a topic, I get a “blank page”. I was told by my ISP to use google.com.

    45. @Ellen -

      Using google is a good idea.

      Are you using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11?

      If so, type google.com in the address bar then, down below, type your search term. Does it still come up blank?

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