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  • Oh, come on, Microsoft. 60 million copies of Win8?

    Posted on January 9th, 2013 at 23:48 woody 1 comment

    Stop the mumbo-jumbo and show us the activations.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.


    One response to “Oh, come on, Microsoft. 60 million copies of Win8?”

    1. 60 million may be the worldwide distribution of devices and upgrade licenses sold to manufacturers and users who took advantage of the low-cost upgrades. Resellers would have these licenses for the most part. How many are sold and activated may also be deceiving, as downgrades will take place after Windows 8 is activated, even if the user never actually uses Windows 8 at all after activation.

      A telling figure would be licenses distributed minus downgrades and reversions to Windows 7. But don’t expect Microsoft to publicize this statistic.

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