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  • No, Microsoft didn’t sell 900,000 Surface RT tablets

    Posted on February 1st, 2013 at 21:32 woody 3 comments

    Although the headlines may make you think MS sold that many, in fact, they didn’t – and, I bet, probably won’t.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

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    3 Responses to “No, Microsoft didn’t sell 900,000 Surface RT tablets”

    1. rc primak says:

      Great article, Woody!

      I’ll see how folks like the Surface RT (Windows RT) tablet at my next live computer club demo (not my own tablet — I still will never buy that thing).

    2. axkramer says:

      To me the most important point is that Microsoft did not sell me a Windows 8 anything. No Pro; no RT.

      I have been a steady customer of MS software since DOS 2.0 and the original IBM PC through almost all of the Windows versions except for 286 and NT. I believe that I am getting all that I could need with Win 7 so why buy into the mess that Win 8 appears to be.

      Given that history, if I’m not buying, then I have to believe that a lot of other “Win” users are now “Lost” users as well.

    3. rc primak says:

      At my user group meeting, I was surprised to find that several group members have (voluntarily) gotten Windows 8 and Windows RT devices since the last time I presented about Windows 8 Pro on a laptop a little over a month ago.

      Many more seem not too impressed, even with a fellow member showing off several devices with Windows RT, as well as an iPad person and an Android or two being shown at the same meeting.

      I guess there’s still a chance some folks will buy the Windows RT tablets, but not as their primary computers. Those who have any Windows 8 devices or upgrades, always answered that they still do most of their work on Windows 7 or (gasp!) Windows XP computers.

      As tech toys, the Microsoft tablets seem to be popular. But as production computers — fugettaboutit!

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