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  • No, Microsoft didn’t sell 900,000 Surface RT tablets

    Posted on February 1st, 2013 at 21:32 woody 3 comments

    Although the headlines may make you think MS sold that many, in fact, they didn’t – and, I bet, probably won’t.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.


    3 responses to “No, Microsoft didn’t sell 900,000 Surface RT tablets”

    1. Great article, Woody!

      I’ll see how folks like the Surface RT (Windows RT) tablet at my next live computer club demo (not my own tablet — I still will never buy that thing).

    2. To me the most important point is that Microsoft did not sell me a Windows 8 anything. No Pro; no RT.

      I have been a steady customer of MS software since DOS 2.0 and the original IBM PC through almost all of the Windows versions except for 286 and NT. I believe that I am getting all that I could need with Win 7 so why buy into the mess that Win 8 appears to be.

      Given that history, if I’m not buying, then I have to believe that a lot of other “Win” users are now “Lost” users as well.

    3. At my user group meeting, I was surprised to find that several group members have (voluntarily) gotten Windows 8 and Windows RT devices since the last time I presented about Windows 8 Pro on a laptop a little over a month ago.

      Many more seem not too impressed, even with a fellow member showing off several devices with Windows RT, as well as an iPad person and an Android or two being shown at the same meeting.

      I guess there’s still a chance some folks will buy the Windows RT tablets, but not as their primary computers. Those who have any Windows 8 devices or upgrades, always answered that they still do most of their work on Windows 7 or (gasp!) Windows XP computers.

      As tech toys, the Microsoft tablets seem to be popular. But as production computers — fugettaboutit!

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