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  • Microsoft shuns its own Silverlight while embracing Flash

    Posted on March 12th, 2013 at 21:13 woody 7 comments

    I honestly didn’t see this one coming, not from a million miles away.

    I can’t begin to imagine how Silverlight developers must feel – along with the corporate types who signed off on developing Silverlight sites.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

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    7 Responses to “Microsoft shuns its own Silverlight while embracing Flash”

    1. axkramer says:

      And so what does Microsoft do this very day? Offer a 12.5 MB update for Silverlight (which I have never used nor has anyone else to my knowledge).

      • woody says:

        @axkramer –

        Unfortunately, some companies got suckered into building Silverlight “solutions” for their internal work processes. Very few sites use it, except those controlled by MS – and most of those have been dismantled.


    2. EP says:

      Let’s face it, Woody. MS Silverlight seems to be a bust now. Lately, I gave Silverlight the same treatment as with the Oracle Java software; uninstalled Silverlight completely off my computers. Who needs Silverlight anyway?

      There was a recent security update (ms13-022) released for Silverlight, but I think it’s too little to late for that now.

    3. Vern says:

      Woody, is Chrome still the browser of choice for Metro? I’m most concerned about security, in particular, when visiting sites that use Flash that aren’t “whitelisted” by MS.

    4. sanda says:

      I read the above questions and your answers, but I want to confirm this:

      Re Silverlight and Outlook (formerly live.com)(I hit the “get more information” and voila, they switched me to Outlook, but I know the switch is going to be required in the summer. I also looked at Outlook in your Win8 for Dummies again. Not easy to use.):

      As I was looking at my Outlook emails this morning, I got a pop-up message from MS, that my Silverlight was “blocked” because it “was outdated” and I needed it updated, did I want to update?, the notice asked. I remembered Silverlight was mentioned here and ignored the pop-up, returning to check here.

      I couldn’t figure out what Silverlight was going to do anyway,so I ignored it and ask:
      should I just ignore it?

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