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  • Microsoft shuns its own Silverlight while embracing Flash

    Posted on March 12th, 2013 at 21:13 woody 7 comments

    I honestly didn’t see this one coming, not from a million miles away.

    I can’t begin to imagine how Silverlight developers must feel – along with the corporate types who signed off on developing Silverlight sites.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.


    7 responses to “Microsoft shuns its own Silverlight while embracing Flash”

    1. And so what does Microsoft do this very day? Offer a 12.5 MB update for Silverlight (which I have never used nor has anyone else to my knowledge).

    2. Let’s face it, Woody. MS Silverlight seems to be a bust now. Lately, I gave Silverlight the same treatment as with the Oracle Java software; uninstalled Silverlight completely off my computers. Who needs Silverlight anyway?

      There was a recent security update (ms13-022) released for Silverlight, but I think it’s too little to late for that now.

    3. @axkramer -

      Unfortunately, some companies got suckered into building Silverlight “solutions” for their internal work processes. Very few sites use it, except those controlled by MS – and most of those have been dismantled.


    4. Woody, is Chrome still the browser of choice for Metro? I’m most concerned about security, in particular, when visiting sites that use Flash that aren’t “whitelisted” by MS.

    5. @Vern -

      The whole whitelisting thing was just turned upside down. I have an article about it mentioned here on the site: http://www.askwoody.com/2013/microsoft-shuns-silverlight-embracing-flash/ Personally, I don’t use Metro enough to worry about it, but if I did, I would use Chrome.

    6. Woody,
      I read the above questions and your answers, but I want to confirm this:

      Re Silverlight and Outlook (formerly live.com)(I hit the “get more information” and voila, they switched me to Outlook, but I know the switch is going to be required in the summer. I also looked at Outlook in your Win8 for Dummies again. Not easy to use.):

      As I was looking at my Outlook emails this morning, I got a pop-up message from MS, that my Silverlight was “blocked” because it “was outdated” and I needed it updated, did I want to update?, the notice asked. I remembered Silverlight was mentioned here and ignored the pop-up, returning to check here.

      I couldn’t figure out what Silverlight was going to do anyway,so I ignored it and ask:
      should I just ignore it?

    7. @Sanda -

      Ignore it and pray that it goes away. Fervently. A stake through its heart would no doubt be beneficial.

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