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  • MS-DEFCON 4: Apply all automatically offered patches…

    Posted on March 8th, 2013 at 16:42 woody 15 comments

    … but don’t install the optional ones.

    Microsoft has shed some light on the problems surrounding their truly messed up Automatic Update KB 2670838. And, to their credit, they’ve changed the patch from “Important” to “Optional”. That means if you install all of the currently offered patches, through Microsoft Update, you won’t get stuck with KB 2670838.

    The rest of the February patches seem to be stable, and there’s a big crop of new ones coming Tuesday. So now’s a good time to apply all the Microsoft Update patches that are offered automatically — and ignore the “Optional” ones that will cause you pain.

    I’m moving us down to MS-DEFCON 4: There are isolated problems with current patches, but they are well-known and documented here. Check this site to see if you’re affected and if things look OK, go ahead and patch.

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    15 Responses to “MS-DEFCON 4: Apply all automatically offered patches…”

    1. Brian Williams says:

      Hi Woody,
      I noticed that there is a laserjet 1018 optional update, dated Sep 2012. The latest download on the HP website is Nov 2009. How do I find out what this does for me? There is no information on the hot links. Why do MS do this?



      • woody says:

        Brian –

        I never, ever apply hardware updates from the MS site. Hop over to the HP site and see if there’s a real, screaming reason for using the new version. Chances are good it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

    2. rc primak says:

      So I went ahead and updated my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Got a new NVidia security update from Toshiba. Applied the Platform Update. And installed IE 10 on Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

      IE 10 is slow as molasses in this configuration, and page loads often crash. This version of IE 10 does not seem to be ready for Windows 7.

    3. rc primak says:

      A full-scale system cleanup helped with IE 10 a little, but it’s still buggy as hell.

    4. flavet says:

      Woody – I just noticed that the 02-12-13 KB’s included KB2799494. I installed it on 02-19-13. It seemed to install on that date without a problem.
      It has been offered again as a possible install today, which I went ahead and okay not aware that it had already been installed.
      I see that when I looked for d/l’s on 02-26-13 that it was included for possible install that day too. At that time I did not okay any installs (02-26).
      Do you know of any problems with this KB item?
      As I said, I went ahead and accepted all of the KB’s that were offered today which included KB2799494, and the update process said that it was installed today.
      When I went back and did a rerun of Microsoft Update process it was again offered for install. However, I noticed a note about that one item that was proposed for install as follows: “Downloaded, ready for install”. The download also showed that there were 0 bytes related to that install. Could it be that MS is offering an install of 0 bytes and that is the reason why it is offered more than once?


      • woody says:

        Flavet –

        Far more likely that Windows Update got screwed up. This patch isn’t particularly interesting, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Chances are good it’ll iron itself out next month.

    5. MoreOff says:

      I checked Windows Updates today on a XP computer and al it offers is KB2779562 about Daylight Savings Time changes in some Countries, but the U.S.A. isn’t included in the list so I haven’t accepted it yet.
      IIRC Susan Bradley said to hold off on KB2779562 some time ago in a Free edition of WIndows Secrets.

      Should I allow this KB update on my XP box???

      I also am Updating my Vista PC and didn’t choose to allow KB2779562 on it either.

      What should I do about this KB??

      Thanks a bunch!

      • woody says:

        MoreOff –

        I haven’t seen any problems with the annual Savings Time update. There may be some – but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow, eh?

        I’d say it’s safe to apply the update, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it. The Savings Time patches always have niggling problems.

    6. MoreOff says:

      I don’t know what comment I need to make in this box. I already entered my comment and it says awaiting Moderation, what ever that means?

      • woody says:

        MoreOff –

        Good question,

        You type stuff and push Submit. Your comment doesn’t appear automatically. I have the forum set up so I, personally, have to approve a comment before it appears.

        You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t!) by the kind of spam I get.

    7. Richie says:

      Should we continue to ignore all of the .NET updates…??? Thanks..

      • woody says:

        Richie –

        I’ve applied all of the .NET updates on my systems. Haven’t hit any problems, but I may be lucky. Susan has a very extensive rundown of .NET patches that she would apply and pass, in her weekly Windows Secrets Newsletter column, but for most people, I think now’s a good time to get them patched.

    8. Charlie says:

      Just want to say that I’ve installed all but 3 of the Feb. Windows patches, 2 of which that I’ve held off on are the .Net patches. I plan to get those today. Right after getting the first bunch of patches installed I started noticing a longer welcome screen time, everytime, and when I shut down Windows & computer it takes longer and I get a strange full screen message that only stays up for a split second, long enough for me to see “Waiting for…”. Also, now, everytime I boot the computer up a greenish-yellow pop up balloon comes up at the notification area and tells me that Windows updates have been downloaded and installed, and this happens everytime the computer is booted since getting updated with the first bunch of updates. This is in addition to the normal yellow balloon that says that updates are available. No other weird things appear to be happening – so far. Anyone else experiencing these things? Any comments Woody?
      It’s sad to have to watch as my nice new powerful computer with a nice new Win 7 gets clobbered month after month with these “recommended” (not Critical) patches.
      End of rant. Charlie

    9. EP says:

      @rc primak: I beg to differ about IE10 for Win7 as it worked fine on my 64bit Win7 computers. Pages in IE10 seem to load as fast as IE9 for Win7 and sometimes slightly faster than IE9. And the final version of IE10 for Win7 is v10.0.9200.16521, newer than IE10 version 10.0.9200.16384 for Win8.

      IE10 requires several Win7 updates mentioned in MS KB article 2818833. KB2670838 is one of them as IE10’s setup program may download & install it if it’s not already installed.

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