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  • USB Flash Drive prices falling

    Posted on April 29th, 2013 at 22:34 woody 4 comments

    Can you believe $85 for a 128 GB USB drive? Wow.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch


    4 responses to “USB Flash Drive prices falling”

    1. I wonder if this means we will see more capable tablets at lower prices anytime soon?

    2. @RC -

      Man, I hope so. Everything else is falling in price quickly.

    3. I’ll wait until these massive 64GB and 128GB USB flash drives are $50 and below before I buy them. And I hope those high capacity flash memory cards like those HC memory sticks fall in price as well.

    4. I’m waiting for SSDs to get down in price. This way, you have a completely functional hard drive, not just a storage device. There’s a difference.

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