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  • USB Flash Drive prices falling

    Posted on April 29th, 2013 at 22:34 woody 4 comments

    Can you believe $85 for a 128 GB USB drive? Wow.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch

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    4 Responses to “USB Flash Drive prices falling”

    1. rc primak says:

      I wonder if this means we will see more capable tablets at lower prices anytime soon?

    2. EP says:

      I’ll wait until these massive 64GB and 128GB USB flash drives are $50 and below before I buy them. And I hope those high capacity flash memory cards like those HC memory sticks fall in price as well.

    3. rc primak says:

      I’m waiting for SSDs to get down in price. This way, you have a completely functional hard drive, not just a storage device. There’s a difference.

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