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  • IE11 patches blocked until Windows 7 users install KB 2929437. Win 8.1 users need KB 2919355

    Posted on June 16th, 2014 at 13:23 woody 25 comments

    Same old patching cut-off we saw with Windows 8.1 Update 1, but in a less dire form.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.

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    25 Responses to “IE11 patches blocked until Windows 7 users install KB 2929437. Win 8.1 users need KB 2919355”

    1. Marty says:


      Your Inforworld article recommends staying with IE10. At this point, however, Win7’s Windows Update only offers IE 11. Is there any problem with downloading IE10 direct from the M$ website, and installing it instead of IE11? And would you recommend doing so since I currently have IE9 on my Win7 computer?

      For web browsing, I don’t really care what version of IE is on my machine, since I use Firefox exclusively. But there may be other reasons to keep IE relatively up to date.




      • woody says:

        @MM –

        Tough question. Personally, I would go ahead and install IE 11, instead of trying to find some (possibly bogus) copy of IE 10. As long as you’re using FF, you’ll be fine.

    2. Sam Smith says:

      I am confused. Should I install Kb 2929437 on my Windows 7 computer or not?

    3. sanda says:

      Looking at my updates history, I can’t find KB2919355. I can get it from MS website. It says it will take 35 min. Seems to me I may have it. Ques. Would they download it a second time if I already have it? I don’t want to use up my MiFi KB on something I may have already.

      • woody says:

        @Sanda –

        If it isn’t available, you don’t need it.

        To see if you’re running Windows 8.1 Update 1, flip over to the Metro Start screen. In the upper right corner, is there a magnifying glass and/or “Off” icon next to your name?

    4. sanda says:

      About the MS store tile: There are times of the day, that when it indicates a number on the tile, of how many updates I have for apps and I hit the MS tile, I get message “You are not connected to the internet”, but I am. I suspect MS is overwhelmed at those times, but who knows why they are not at work there?

    5. sanda says:

      Yes, in answer to your question: There is a magnifying glass next to my name on the Metro Start screen (altho I confess I am still confused as to why it’s called “Metro” Start).

    6. rc primak says:

      Kb 2929437 is not listed in MS Updates for my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 laptop. I tried to download and run the stand-alone installer from Microsoft, and it quit with the message that this update is not applicable to my computer. What is going wrong here?

    7. rc primak says:

      Third Reading of Installed Updates on my computer: FOUND IT!! I do have the prerequisite KB Number Kb 2929437 on my laptop after all. Now, how do I determine which Flash Player Version IE 11 is running? The Adobe Test Page images are all blocked, and no Flash Player is detected there or by the SUMo Updater program from KC Softwares.

      You would think if MS is going to handle their own Flash Player plugin from now on, they would SOMEWHERE have the plugin listed in such a way that users could just click on a browser option or look at a special local “page” to see what version is installed.

      Is there someplace within IE 11 to perform this check?

    8. Dianne says:

      I just checked my history of updates and KB2929437 has not been installed as of yet.
      However it does show up on the June update list,(that I will not install till you give the go ahead), and has the date of April 8 and is UNCHECKED.
      But right under it KB2957689, Security Update IE 11 Win7 is checked and has a June date listed. And now I am not sure which IE version I have, I thought it was IE 10.
      I know you golden rule, if unchecked don’t check it, does that still apply in this case?
      To check or not that is the question.

      • woody says:

        @Dianne –

        It does apply in this case!

        It’s too early to install the June Black Tuesday patches, IMHO. Hang on.

        (To see which version of IE you have, start IE, click the “gear” icon in the upper right and choose About.)

    9. Dianne says:

      I checked as you said and somewhere in the last 6 months of patches, I went from IE10 to IE11.
      Since your article indicates IE11 users must have the KB2929437 to get further updates, why would my patches show KB2929437 not checked, but the KB2957689 checked?
      I will not patch anything till you give us the go ahead later!
      Thank you.

    10. rc primak says:

      Woody —

      The page you provided gave a definitive answer. My IE 11 Flash Player has gone missing altogether. No Flash Player installed!

      So how do I get it back? It looks like my Windows/System32/Macromed Folder is also completely missing. (I may have done that myself, but it’s still gone.)

    11. rc primak says:

      Well, all it took was to roll back the mess to a recent Macrium Reflect Backup (Boot into WnPE Rescue Disk to complete). Restore Logs and recent data. Go into the Hidden Administrator Account. Download the Flash Player 14 Offline installer for IE. (In Win 7, updates do NOT need to come from MS Updates for IE11.) Run As Administrator in the Hidden Administrator Account the Offline Flash Player Installer. It promptly explained that I needed to run the Flash Player UNinstaller first (now a separate download from Adobe — I don’t remember EVER doing this step manually before!) THEN the Offline Installer flew through the process, and BEHOLD! There was Flash.

      Well, there’s a couple of long sessions I’ll never get back. Sheesh, and Windows Fanboys say Linux is difficult to maintain! (Of course in Linux, if Flash Player doesn’t play in Firefox, you’re stuck with no sound. Enter Chromium and the Chrome PepperFlash plugin, and things are back on track. I’ve always liked Chrome/Chromium better anyway.)

    12. Jo says:

      Woody- June 21st

      In trying to set up my new HP Pavilion notebook, I saw a list of 48 “important” updates
      waiting to be installed. After reading your book
      (8.1 for Dummies), I hoped to install only the
      successful ones. So if there is a way to de-
      termine which of the older ones work correctly,
      I would very much appreciate if you could clue
      me in. (Always supposing you have the time.) The
      oldest waiting update (KB2538243) was published
      4/5/2012, some in 2013, and several in 2014. The computer came with ten existing updates,
      including one that was on the “waiting to be
      installed” list. By the way, thanks for writing
      the Dummies books.

    13. Jo says:


      If there is a way to determine which of the
      48 updates waiting to be installed on my new
      Pavilion Notebook work correctly, I would really
      appreciate it if you could clue me in. The
      oldest(KB2538243) came out in 2012. The com-
      puter came with ten existing updates that were
      installed on 9/5/2013. And one of those was
      also on the “waiting to be installed” list. Do
      I re-install it, or was it a probable error?
      Your advice would be quite welcome if you have
      the time.

      • woody says:

        @Jo –

        On a brand new computer, I recommend that people install all outstanding updates, as soon as they get it up and running. Yes, that contravenes the MS-DEFCON system. But it’s the best approach.

    14. Yuhong Bao says:

      @woody: MS do not tend to remove older IE packages from downloading anymore though. You should still able to download IE10 for Win7 from MS’s website if you need it.

    15. rc primak says:

      Download IE 10 here (must be runnning Windows in a compatible version):

      IE 9 here:

      Still there, just as Yuhong Bao says.

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