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  • More Microsoft exec departures mark end of a Windows era

    Posted on January 2nd, 2014 at 21:23 woody 6 comments

    Some surprising conclusions about the future of Windows — and Microsoft.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch

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    6 Responses to “More Microsoft exec departures mark end of a Windows era”

    1. I purchased your book called windows 7 for dummies and this is the web address they gave for questions, hope this is the right place to ask a question. My computer has picked up what I think is called adware, not real sure. Every time I open up the internet something called NationZoom takes over where I normally would be using Google and redirects my work to who knows where. I’ve tried to find a solution on the internet but have found nothing that I really understand. My question is do you have any step by step removal procedure for something like this, and do you have a recomendation on antivirus software that would remove this from my computer, and keep from coming back. Windows Defender can’t find any problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      • woody says:

        @Louis –

        Windows Defender wouldn’t normally find a browser hijacker like that.

        Easiest solution is to switch browsers! If you’re using Internet Explorer, change to Chrome, or Firefox.

        Scrubbing out browser hijackers can be painful. Don’t be so quick to install new software from dubious sources, OK?

    2. Athlonite says:

      I will agree with Woody that these pests are pretty well entrenched in your browser not to mention other important places in the OS (operating system).

      If you can follow these steps from this site :


      you should be able to get your browser back working properly. But, you’ll have to take it slow. One step at a time. It would not be difficult for someone who does this all the time but, I think in your case you should read the instructions very carefully.

      IF you find these instructions overwhelming then, I would suggest you visit a site that will help with the removal of this PuP (potentially unwanted program).

      I would suggest sites such as :



      Or :

      MalwareBytes’ Help Forums :


      You will have to register to ask for help but, you really can’t go wrong with either of these help forums.


    3. rc primak says:

      @Louis — It’s worth trying a run of a full system scan with Malwarebytes Free. Just be sure to get it from the official MAlwarebytes.org (NOT .com) website. You shouldbe able to download, update and use Malwarebytes without disturding Windows Defender or any other antivirus programs.

      What Malwarebytes does that Windows Defender doesn’t do as well, is pick out PUPs, which may be instlled programs, browser hijackers, ad displays you don’t want, toolbars, etc.

      The operation of Malwarebytes is pretty straightforward, involving only getting the updates and hitting the Full System Scan button. While scan times vary, on my Windows 7 installation it takes about two hours for Malwarebytes to scan and issue its report. Remove anything it finds, and scan again until nothing else shows up, even after restarting your Windows.

      These PUPs sometimes download and install with free software, so as Woody says, don’t install just anything from the Internet just because it’s offered for free. Also, any free software installer should be used only in the CUSTOM mode, and uncheck all checkboxes for additional software installations. Nearly all free software installers have these “piggybacks” these days if you choose the “standard” installations.

      Other than that, I can only recommend learning to make a system image backup every week, so that you could restore your Windows to a time before the infection took place. Windows 8 also has a Refresh or a Reset option. System Restore will NOT remove browser hijackers.

      There is a Windows Secrets Lounge (user to user help forum) you might want to join. Signup is free, but registration is required to post anything there. There’s a link to The Lounge on this page at the right-hand column under Links. This type of question would be posted under Security or Browsers.

    4. flavet says:

      Excuse me, but I can’t see the connection between the topic title and any of the comments that have been posted here. What have I missed?

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