• Polishing off the new Chrome

    It’s been a slow news week, with British tabloid The Sun taking top ranks for titillating news, confirming what we’ve all known for decades: IT workers are the best in bed.


    Now comes word that Google has officially raised the version number for its Chrome browser. Chrome 2.0 (actually, Chrome, branded a “stable update” – probably to differentiate it from all of those unstable updates – includes substantial speed improvements, improved security, a number of interface tweaks, and more stability.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t address the substantial privacy concerns that are part and parcel of Chrome’s operation. Michael Muchmore at PCMag put it well:

    Will Chrome be just another way for the company to gather even more detailed information on your activities and habits? The designers have said that the JavaScript renderer works in a virtual machine with no access to the rest of your system, but that’s not necessarily the case for the app as a whole. Also, the tech press has noted that each copy of Chrome has an identifying number that’s tied to any data Google collects. It’s worrisome, and a move similar to one Microsoft took a lot of heat for a few years ago with the Windows XP launch.

    So by all means take Chrome 2 for a spin, but realize that Big Brother may be watching.