• More Windows 7 builds – 7106 vs 7077

    The Hacks Daily web site (which has a remarkably good record tracking Windows 7 builds) reports that Windows 7 Build 7106 should be leaked any time now. The Chinese version is expected first – which probably (but not definitively) means the source of the leak is in China.

    That’s interesting, to me, because of the number.

    The last widely available build was 7077 – just a few days ago.

    So what’s with the big increase in build numbers? I’d be willing to betcha just about anything that the 7077 version will turn into Release Candidate 1. It may take a couple more builds, but I believe RC1 lies down that path.

    I’d also be willing to betcha that the 71xx builds are for the final, RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version. In other words, Microsoft has already “forked” the RTM version away from the RC1 version.

    Based on the build numbers, we’re very close to seeing RC1.

    BTW, build 7077 runs great on all of my machines. Even that little ASUS Eee PC 1000H that I’ve been so excited about. Hard to believe Windows 7 Ultimate runs reasonably well on the little beast.