• Windows 7 Release Candidate leaked?

    I swear it has to happen sooner or later.

    The French language site Informatruc reports that the Windows 7 Release Candidate has been signed off. If your French is a little rusty, here’s the Google Translator version:

    … According to various sources:

    RC sign off … Build 7100.0.winmain_win7rc.090421-21 April 1700 … Bravo … already distributed to the group Gold Partners TAP, awaiting fuitage M. Green

    While the side of the main branch RTM, the 7115.0.winmain.090421 Build-1650 has been compiled on the same day.

    That’s exactly what I was expecting – the Release to Manufacturing builds, numbered 7101 forward, were “forked” away from the Release Candidate builds a few weeks ago.

    I’ll let you know when Win7 RC is out on the newsgroups.