• Microsoft pulls another botched auto update patch, KB 2454826

    Microsoft just yanked yet another automatic update-distributed patch. A patch for Windows 7, no less.

    This one isn’t a security patch. But if you had auto updates turned on – or if you told Windows to download but don’t install updates – you got it on January 11.

    KB 2454826 is supposed to improve graphics performance on Windows 7 machines. Instead, it locks up some machines with an error 0x7F, a Blue Screen Stop: 0x0000007F, or Windows Live Mail won’t launch. Details in KB 2498368.

    The solution? Turn off Automatic Updates, fer heaven’t sake.

    Oh. Sorry. The solution is to uninstall the patch, but to do so, you have to go into Safe Mode. Details in the KB 2498368 article.