• Win10 update blocked with a Restore Point rollback

    Just got this from reader SteveA:


    1. I restored back to 09/15 overnight.

    2. Re-ran the Ultimate Outsider program, disabling operating system updates and removing the icon.

    3. Returned to the updater, and found that “critical update” KB3035583 waiting to be downloaded.

    4. Turned off automatic updates as you suggest

    5. I had already renamed the $Windows file with an x prefix and deleted everything I could – even the setup file.

    So, for the moment, I believe I’m cured, though I’m still not ready to attempt any further updates until after this flap hits the news.

    Thank you for the great writeup, and directions to the Outsider!

    So, at this point, it looks like rolling back to a restore point prior to Sept 15 will get rid of the “late stage” forced update problems we’ve been seeing.

    Anybody else able to confirm SteveA’s observations?

    (And, yes, I’m painfully aware that Windows 8.1 doesn’t enable Restore Points by default. Ya gotta read my book!)

    [Edit: This in from reader TD, who rolled back to a Restore Point from a couple of weeks ago:

    I can confirm that when i ran windows update this morning there were no signs of windows 10 wanting/telling me it was ready to install. Just Windows 7 stuff. The only sign of 10 is the regular icon in the system tray. I may turn auto updates back on later to test again but as of now i seem to be out of no man’s land. I dont know if it was the system restore or not but this was awesome to me.]