• 2 simple steps to speeding up Windows 7 update scans

    OK, they’re tedious, but they’re simple and easy to follow.

    Go from many hours to just a few minutes.

    InfoWorld Woody on Windows

    My thanks — and deep admiration — to Dalai, ch100, and EP.

    IMPORTANT: I forgot to mention one patch, KB 3020369, that also needs to be installed. Chances are very good you already have it, but if not, check the KB article to download and install it.

    UPDATE: I’m seeing reports that the July “magic” patch, KB 3168965, works for August, too. My current best guess is that it works for those who haven’t already installed the July patches.

    UPDATE 2: Dalai has updated the wu.krelay.de page to feature KB 3177725, the new “magic” August patch.

    UPDATE 3: Ends up that this month’s “magic” August patch, KB 3177725, has a bug in it that screws up printing multiple pages. Details coming in InfoWorld. For now, just relax. There’s nothing in August’s patches (or even July’s!) that’s super-critical.