• An official fix for slow Windows 7 update scan times

    Looks like it’s working. This month, anyway. Or maybe it’s just the latest whack-a-mole monthly mess-up.

    InfoWorld Woody on Windows.


    Got this note from EP (thanks, EP!):

    The KB3161647 WU client patch is included as part of the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup
    and the KB3161647 patch is not available as an individual update.  So it looks like Win7
    users will have to download & install the KB3161608 update rollup instead.

    Guess what?  I installed the KB3161608 update rollup and temporarily uninstalled the
    KB3161664 win32k.sys security update, rebooted and did a WU scan.  It took a lot less
    time displaying a list of available updates; about as effective as installing the latest
    win32k.sys update.  Therefore the WU fix from KB3161608 worked.

    Too bad Microsoft did not make an updated Windows Update Client patch for Windows
    Vista SP2 as Vista is on life support until April 2017.  So Vista users will have to keep on
    installing newer win32k.sys fixes to improve WU search/scan times but at least Win7
    users have a more permanent solution.