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  • Big batch of patches just dropped

    Posted on March 15th, 2016 at 13:30 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I count seven patches for .NET on Windows Embedded, and 39 40 separate non-security patches. But I might be off by one or two.

    No rest for the weary.

    Here’s the list. I don’t see anything that’ll be of interest to most Windows users, but admins may want to take a look. (One KB hasn’t been posted yet.)

    Update to enable WSUS support for Windows 10 feature upgrades

    DNS records get deleted when you delete the scope on a Windows Server 2012 R2-based DHCP server

    Update that supports Azerbaijani Manat and Georgian Lari currency symbols in Windows (for Windows Embedded 8 Standard) – original version released Jan. 19

    Can’t connect to the desktop of Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 from a remote desktop at low screen resolution

    Licensing servers become deadlocked under high load in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Texas Instruments xHCI USB controllers may encounter a hardware issue on large data transfers in Windows 8.1

    KB 3115224 (No description yet, but the KB article should eventually appear at

    Update improves port exhaustion identification in Windows Server 2012 R2

    DPM filter driver can’t track changes on CSV or VM setting files can’t be online in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Virtual machines don’t respond to your operation in SCVMM in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Update to add Discrete Device Assignment support for Azure that runs on Windows Server 2012 R2-based guest VMs

    DNSSEC validation fails when incorrect response to DNSKEY query is sent on Windows Server 2012 R2-based DNS server

    BitLocker can’t encrypt drives and the service crashes in svchost.exe process in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 (only applies to FIPS mode-enabled machines)

    Memory leak in RPCSS and DcomLaunch services in Windows 8.1 or Windows Serer 2012 R2

    Explorer.exe may crash when you play back an MPEG-4 file in Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1

    Windows Azure VMs don’t recover from a network outage and data corruption issues occur

    LBFO Dynamic Teaming mode may drop packets in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Get-StorageReliabilityCounter doesn’t report correct values of temperature in Windows Server 2012 R2

    “VSS_E_PROVIDER_VETO” error occurs when VSS restore fails in Windows Server 2012

    VSS restore fails when you use ResyncLuns VSS API in Windows Server 2012 R2-based failover cluster

    “0x00000027” Stop error and unexpected restart in Windows Server 2012

    Files are corrupted on deduplicated volumes that were created as NTFS-compressed in Windows Server 2012 R2

    “File contents” option is always selectable, Start screen becomes blank, or computer freezes when startup in Windows 8.1 (could explain why Win 8.1 users aren’t getting good search results)

    Deduplication filter marks files as deleted incorrectly and data corruption occurs on Windows Server 2012 R2 file server

    Access to Internet is denied because proxy settings are overwritten in Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    DirectAccess client receives incorrect response to reverse lookup query from a Windows Server 2012 R2-based DNS64 server

    Tracert command doesn’t receive responses when you trace resources on Internet through Windows Server 2012 R2 HNV GW

    High CPU load on a Windows Server 2012 R2-based server because NAT keep-alive timer isn’t cleaned up

    0x1E Stop error when you restart or shut down a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 (RAID problem)

    Print job fails if Creator Owner is removed from Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012

    Hyper-V guest may freeze when it is running failover cluster service together with shared VHDX in Windows Server 2012 R2

    MSI repair doesn’t work when MSI source is installed on an HTTP share in Windows (“MSI repair no longer works after you install update 3000988 or update 3008627”)

    March 2016 WAU (Windows Anytime Upgrade) update for Windows 8.1 (“This update removes the commerce specific entry points for WAU since it’s no longer supported for Windows 8.1.”)

    “0x00000133” Stop error after you install hotfix 3061460 in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Conflicting files on the desktop when Work Folders are installed in Windows 8.1 (“You see many unresolved file conflicts on your desktop. The conflicting files are shortcuts on the desktop folder redirected to Work Folders.”)

    “0x0000009F” Stop error when a Windows VPN client computer is shutdown with an active L2TP VPN connection

    MinDiffAreaFileSize doesn’t work on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Windows Server backup fails despite sufficient free space on target volume in Windows Server 2012 R2

    System becomes unresponsive because filter manager leaks nonpaged pool allocations in Windows Server 2012

    “0x00000001” Stop error when a shared VHDX file is accessed in Windows Server 2012 R2-based Hyper-V guest

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     ch100 2 years, 1 month ago.

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    • #45964 Reply

      Da Boss

      I count seven patches for .NET on Windows Embedded, and 39 40 separate non-security patches. But I might be off by one or two. No rest for the weary.
      [See the full post at: Big batch of patches just dropped]

    • #45965 Reply


      Update to enable WSUS support for Windows 10 feature upgrades was finally promoted to Windows Update in March 2016 as promised last year at the time of release. Until now it was only a hotfix and discussed here only few days ago in relation to the new behaviour of Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 7. It is certainly of interest only to admins and not to end users. It applies only to WSUS on Windows 2012 R2.
      We may see something equivalent now in Windows 7 in the sense of a new category appearing in WU.

    • #45966 Reply


      Any of these for win7 users to worry about? Reason I ask, is cause if there are, wouldn’t it just delay defcon 5?

    • #45967 Reply

      Da Boss

      They look clean at this point. Need to wrestle with all the other implications (the other patches) first….

    • #45968 Reply


      So do us W7 worshipers whom are struggling to keep W10 out actually want KB3095113 or not?

    • #45969 Reply

      Da Boss

      If you’re running Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2, yes, you probably need it. If you aren’t running a server, I don’t think it’ll even be offered….

      But wait, wait, wait… I’ll get the MS-DEFCON level adjusted after I’ve had time to digest the latest updates.

    • #45970 Reply


      Huh! That’s not what I’m experiencing on my 8.1. I’m suddenly down to 5 important updates (before there were 14 important and 2 optional updates waiting for me), including the questionable security update for IE, KB 3139929, which I won’t touch until Woody gives the all clear or the hide immediately signal. I checked my installed updates to see if Microsoft installed previous KBs without my permission, but nothing shows up. Also, the “Most Recent Check for Updates” line says “Never” as does the “Updates Were Installed.” I don’t know what to make of that. As always, I have the WU set to check but do not download/install and the trusty GWX Control Panel Monitor.

    • #45971 Reply


      Just did a sync of my WSUS server, but not a single new patch shows up (we have W7 and W2012 in our environment). I just patched KB3095113 manually on WSUS, still nothing new showing. (Although now I can see all the Windows 10 update classifications in the options, urgh.)

    • #45972 Reply


      Running Windows 7 Home. FWIW, only got 4 optional updates:
      3133977 – BitLocker can’t encrypt drives and the service crashes in svchost.exe process in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
      3137061 – Windows Azure VMs don’t recover from a network outage and data corruption issues occur
      3138901 – Access to Internet is denied because proxy settings are overwritten in Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      3139923 – MSI repair doesn’t work when MSI source is installed on an HTTP share in Windows

    • #45973 Reply

      Joe K

      Same/same here.

    • #45974 Reply



      Exactly the same on my machine – 4 Optional updates, NO italics (unlike the two 3/8/16 Optional updates that were in italics)…..W7 x64 SP1…with GWX Control Panel running.

      There seems to be no logic to what has been coming down the chute recently. Why italics? Who no italics? Why Optional updates a week after Patch Tuesday?
      And it seems odd for a computer company to abandon logic.

    • #45975 Reply


      Allot of these updates for windows 8.1 are the maligned updates repacked from last year, the spyware from microsoft, and other whats nots that made big news are back with a vengance, before install any of the optional updates paste each one in a search engine and see what it is for before ya end up having your computer messed up with those annoying get 10 and the spyware that they tried installing before.

      These you do not want.


    • #45976 Reply


      Ditto. W7 Home Prem SP1 64-bit

      As an aside, after seeing the recent ‘sevenforums’ incident, may I say how grateful I am to have found your site, Woody.
      Your efforts and those of the community of friendly/intelligent commenters that contribute to this site are an absolute credit to the online human race.

      Vive l’Askwoody!!!

    • #45977 Reply

      Da Boss

      Merci bukkups!

    • #45978 Reply

      Da Boss

      I haven’t run the comparison. Are any of the new patches re-issues of old one?

    • #45979 Reply

      Da Boss

      Italics seem to specify a “reommended” update – although the definition of the term “recommended” frequently escapes me.

      MS has said it’s abandoning its old Patch Tuesday model. Lately, we’ve seen big bunches of patches on Patch Tuesday, but then many more dribbling out over the month, with blips on Tuesday. I haven’t counted, but I bet we’re getting hundreds of patches per month nowadays.

    • #45980 Reply


      I encountered two updates on my Windows 8.1 box that did not have an accompanying knowledge base entry, 3103709 and 3115224. There were 22 updates waiting for me in total.

    • #45981 Reply


      Any one of these useful to install? 3138901 – (Access to Internet is denied because proxy settings are overwritten in Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) perhaps?

    • #45982 Reply

      Da Boss

      Hang on. I’m sifting through them right now. Will change the MS-DEFCON status shortly.

    • #45983 Reply

      Da Boss

      That 3103709 is very strange. the other one is just an oversight. But I don’t even see 3103709 listed on the official Windows Update page. Thanks for the heads up. I assume both were optional???

    • #45984 Reply


      Yep, woke up this morning to 14 important and 25 optional updates. Ugh!

    • #45985 Reply

      Da Boss

      You’re on Server 2012 R2?

    • #45986 Reply


      Windows 7 Home Premium user here, I got the same 4 optional updates. I haven’t had any problems with any programs, and most of the descriptions sound alien to me.

      I hid all the updates.

    • #45987 Reply


      I got here because I was searching for the answers to both files also! (Bing search failed, but Google listed the link to this article!) Yes – both are listed as “Optional.”

    • #45988 Reply

      Da Boss

      I still don’t have a clue.

      (Bing search failed? Why does that not surprise me? 🙂 )

    • #45989 Reply


      What are these 4 Optional updates that came to me to beside Chris (post 5) above.
      I”m a novice & I don’t understand what they are when I look them up. I”m running Windows 7 (SP1) and would like to avoid Windos 10. I installed the GWX CP 3 days ago. thanks for any replies.

    • #45990 Reply

      Da Boss

      They’re unchecked. Leave them that way!

      Don’t install any updates, except those specifically listed as security updates – and even then, don’t install the two that I listed.

    • #45991 Reply


      Thanks Woody, this has been a big help with the headache that windows update has become.

    • #45992 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Are others experiencing this problem??

      Have updates listed, however “good luck” with getting any of them to download and install. It appears that MS has no intention of providing the capability of a functional server, or of correcting whatever their problems are.

      It appears that they just keep cranking the updates out, however don’t have the capability to allow its users to download and install them.

      I have 11 pending at the present time (3 of them critical). The only one I had any success with (yesterday) was the IE 11 update (KB 3139929). Under these circumstances it’s impossible to get these security patches installed to protect the computer. ^&*^%!!!! 🙁

    • #45993 Reply


      Hmm… I normally look if my Win 7 Professional needs any one of the said files. True enough, I’m quite wary of installing updates that might prompt the OS to convert to Win10. Deleting the GWX wasn’t enough… had to uninstall KB3135583 and switch settings of Windows Update to “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them”. It would be much appreciated to know if this OS needs any of those said updates. Thanks!

    • #45994 Reply


      Those which are common for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are less likely to be spyware for Windows 10 for the simple reason that the server cannot be upgraded to Windows 10.
      I would say those specific to Windows 8.1 only are those on which anyone interested in blocking Windows 10 Upgrade should keep an eye.
      Same applies for Windows 7 vs Windows 2008 R2 patches.

    • #45995 Reply


      Hey, Woody. Just read your latest post. I re-ran Windows Update and guess what? That update, 3103709, is nowhere to be found. I verified that I hadn’t hid it and had not accidentally installed it. Strange.

      Re 3115224, I’m guessing Windows 8.x receives Windows Server 2012 patches since they share a code base?

    • #45996 Reply

      Da Boss

      I don’t know what’s going on with 3103709…

      Yep, 8.1 and Server 2012 should get the same patches.

    • #45997 Reply

      Mohamad Ghandour

      After installing KB3139923, the windows installer service become corrupted. removing this update is solving the problem

      any info on this issue.

    • #45998 Reply


      They have sent out 3035583 again – the W10 update that will automatically install W10 on your system – as an important update (I uninstalled it not so long ago when my machine started trying to install W10 unasked).

    • #45999 Reply

      The Gilded Bear

      I installed KB3139923, KB3137061, KB3133977 yesterday and my computer is now running slow as molasses, as if KB3035583 (Win10 nagware) were back on board! (checked, and it is not installed again). Had hoped these Win7 updates would actually improve something, but they certainly have not improved my mood. Am removing them all, but if they actually do make a good difference, someone pls let me know! Inkydentally, although I’ve hidden the nefarious KB3035583 several times, it does continue to slither into the important updates list now and then. So much for hiding.

    • #46000 Reply


      Greetings, today I observed an interesting phenomenon when attending to windows update for my 8.1 machine. I had the following return today that were optional last month. I did not hide them, I ignored them like I always do for optional updates. Today they were listed as important. They are: 3100473, 3105115, 3109976, 3115224, 3133681, 3133690, 3134785, 3136019, 3137061, 3137725, 3137728, 3138602, 3139165, 3139219, 3140185, 3140219, 3140222, 3140234, 3140250, 3140786, 3141074. All 21 of these are listed in the OP. Today I hid them of course. What bugs me most is that they somehow switched over from optional to important. Just thought I’d post about it in case someone else runs into a similar situation.

    • #46001 Reply

      Alan C. Lawhon


      I have 64-bit Win 7 Pro (SP1) running on my Dell OptiPlex 780 computer. I have no desire to “upgrade” to Win 10. (I have Josh Mayfield’s GWX installed and running on my machine.)

      You are my primary source for checking (before installing) Windows Update patches, so I want to thank you for your work.

      It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Microsoft is obsessed with getting 99.99 percent of their customers away from Win XP/7/8 (and “upgraded”) to Win 10.

      I’m not the type of person who wants to buy a brand new car every 2-3 years. I’m also not the type of person who wants to “upgrade” their computer’s OS every 2-3 years since there is (always) hassle – and incompatibilities – involved in such a process. (Despite the fact that it’s been out for well over a year now, I still consider Win 10 to be in beta testing. It won’t be anywhere near “stable” until [at least] SP1 due later this year.)

      I’m just curious if you have written an article on why Microsoft is so obsessed with forcing Win 10 down our throats? I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with them wanting the same capability, (i.e. data mining their customers internet browsing in order to sell advertising), that Google [allegedly] has. (In other words, their putting their own business interests ahead of their customers wishes and desires.)

      If that is the primary motivation for the push to Win 10, Microsoft is pushing right up against my reluctance to try a different OS when I do buy my next computer.


    • #46002 Reply

      Da Boss

      I think you’re quite right. I’ve written about snooping in Windows before, but haven’t yet put together an overall summary. Bottom line is that Microsoft’s changing the way it makes money from Windows 10 for consumers – and that new way involved advertising, which in turn benefits from information from the customer, in order to tailor ads.

      Nothing particularly new or revolutionary about it. As you say, Google’s been doing it for years – and made quite a bundle out of it.

    • #46003 Reply


      Unless I missed something, do we have an update on these yet? The May group published today. There are probably others wondering if they can cross some of these from the OP off their list. Please advise.

    • #46004 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yeah, I went to MS-DEFCON 3 a few weeks ago. If you didn’t get them installed, for now, I wouldn’t about installing any of them.

    • #46005 Reply


      Thanks fella, I appreciate the good word, cya next time.

    • #46006 Reply



      Not really any info on this update (what other fixes are in it besides the 2 KBs mentioned). It’s under optional updates.

      I think I’ll wait and see what woody says about this update. (I do a system restore backup before odd balls like this now)

      KB3123862- Another Win10 bugging deal for explorer.exe- avoid it.

    • #46007 Reply

      Brent Rossiter

      W7 users (I have 3 W7s and all are affected), When the 2nd tuesday comes around (Wed in NZ) Trusted Installer will begin, lots of disc activity etc, then, when svchost(netsvc) takes over, it sits at 50% (with no related disc activity) on a dualcore/25% on a quadcore. (Seems to use 100% of one core) Itll Check, Check,… For hours. Each month the W7 checking for updates gets worse. My W7s were set to “Check, but let me decide”. But, netsvc sits at 50% on my dualcore, for hours, Without it even checking for updates. My only choice now, is to set to DONT Check at all. Then, on 2nd wednesday, Ill do it manually. Still takes ages, But at least I choose when to do sacrifice my CPU.
      When it was set to “check but let me decide”, after 2nd Tue/Wed comes, soon as you boot up, TI then netsvc will start using CPU for hours. Or longer.
      BUT, soon as u turn off all checking, you get no CPU hogging at all after the 2nd Tue. You start checking when your ready. Start it before u go to sleep.
      Im gonna do every 2nd month. Too much trouble evry month.
      This seems deliberate by MS not fixing it, pushing us to W10. As W8.1 & W10 updates go like a breeze. 15mins, Done!

    • #46008 Reply


      Most of the CPU time is calling do nothing functions checking how precise the CPU’s timer is.

      wuauserv,supersedence-module: how many time ticks can this CPU measure per second:

      CPU: 1,879,163 (this result won’t change until the next reboot, and even then only a little, not that it matters)

      wuauserv,supersedence-module: great, I’ll ask you the same thing 10 MILLION more times in the next hour.

    • #46009 Reply


      It is not deliberate related to Windows 10, it has been the behaviour since the release of Windows 7. It was actually worse in the past, better now after SP1 and other updates. You probably reached the optimal compromise in terms of using Windows Update with Never check… and do the checks manually when it suits you.

    • #46010 Reply


      Yep. The same thing happening to me. Except my updater quit working in June. I can leave it on overnight and nothing. I’ve installed all the updates that are supposed to fix WU. Reset it, ran file checker. It seems broke. About the only way to get updates is to download them off Windows update catalog site. And I agree, updates work perfect and fast on my W10 machines. I can’t get W10 to work on my HP HDX so it’s unfair MS is doing this. And its intentional at this point. WU has had issues for far too long on W7 for it not to be intentional. And you can download the files manually on the catalog site with blazing speeds. Whats up with that MS?

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