• Checking for updates still takes forever

    Good rant from GK:

    If I were conspiracy minded, I’d think that MS is deliberately making the Win7/8 update process harder so the Win10 AutoUpdate process looks better. So far this morning I have nine Win7Ent machines, in different geographical locations, that have been stuck on “Checking for updates…” for 45 minutes as of this writing. Over the past few months the “Checking…” process has taken longer and longer, but it’s never before been as slow as this. Has anyone else complained?

    I’m just now getting some update dialog boxes, after well more than an hour. After installling, a high percentage have at least one failing update, although it’s a different update in each case. What this means is that I have to reconect to the computer, relog in, and install the failed update. Grrrr.