• Double-print-fixing patches updated, but still only on the Catalog

    If you’re having problems with the double-print bug in MS16-098 — the one we’ve been talking about for three weeks now — the plot’s become even thicker.

    The Catalog-only update, KB 3187022, has just been re-issued, with no explanation.

    The Win10 version 1511 (Fall Update) fix has been posted to the Catalog, KB3186988 (thanks, abbodi86). It’s official title is particularly illuminating: 

    CRITSIT- CATALOG ONLY – Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511 – KB 3186988 – 2016.08 OOB

    I’ve seen no new information on that unreleased “cumulative” update, KB 3186987.

    Wonder if MS will ever get the problem fixed?