• Ed Bott says, for sure, that you can reserve your Win10 upgrade

    Ed and I had a twitter exchange about it. I remain skeptical – I used terms like “loophole” and “trick” — but, hey, Microsoft reads Ed’s stuff intently, and he hasn’t issued a retraction. So there you go.

    Subject in point: If you have a “genuine” copy of Win7 or 8.1, and you upgrade it to Win10, only to immediately move back to your old Win7 or 8.1 (full drive backup is your friend), your 100% certified real copy of Windows 10 will be yours to keep forever.

    Yes, the last version of Windows will always be free for you. The only limitation? At least at this point, you need to perform the little pirouette before July 29.

    This is important even if you think you’ll never upgrade to Win10. No sense throwing away a free upgrade.

    Ed Bott, ZDNet How to lock in your free Windows 10 upgrade and keep using your old Windows version