• GWX is dead: What’s next?

    I don’t have any idea how Microsoft is going to unthread the needle on the Get Windows 10 campaign.

    ch100 reports “KB3123862 and KB3173040 are now expired/retired/pulled. KB2952664 is still available.”

    Early this morning (3:00 am Nashville time) I still had the GWX icon in my system tray. Clicking on it produced the screenshot you can see in the “Thank heaven for Josh” article below. Later this morning (sometime before 6:30 am Nashville time), the icon was gone.

    There’s nothing new on the official Windows Update site.

    Nothing available through Windows Update.

    KB 3035583 is still listed as installed, as are KB3123862, KB3173040 and KB2952664. This is on my “honeypot” machine which had all patches installed without interference.

    On Twitter, @falcios reports: ” I remove GWX from the Task Manager and it keeps returning. It’s after July 29, how can I get rid of it?”

    I haven’t a clue.

    What’s next? I dunno. Observations appreciated.

    (Over on Twitter, @tfwboredom says “Now that GWX on 7 and 8.1 closed down, it’s time for GWX on TH2. I wish I was kidding.”) I think he meant RS2, but it’s a chilling thought.

    Also on Twitter, @WZorNET notes that the free upgrade for Win7 and 8.1 customers who use assistive technologies is still open.  Apparently, Windows built-in Narrator is considered to be an assistive technology. (Which, indeed, it is.) Here’s the upgrade link.