• Here’s why KB 3035583 (the much-maligned GWX patch) may appear twice on your machine

    Fresh analysis from ch100:

    This is what all the talk about KB3035583 appearing twice is all about, in case you haven’t seen it or able to reproduce.

    If I scan against WSUS, the updates not on offer in WSUS do not appear in the list of hidden updates.

    This means there are 2 lists of hidden updates, according to the reference database against which the scan is performed, in this case Microsoft Update and WSUS.

    The updates not in WSUS are KB971033 and KB3035583.

    Currently only one version of KB2952664 is on offer, the older versions being expired, unlike KB3035583 for which the older version I am expecting to see expired soon.

    Scan against Microsoft Update – takes less than 2 minutes, all other updates installed, no Office or other Microsoft software installed

    Hidden updates

    Scan against WSUS – same updates hidden as above, takes less than 2 minutes to scan

    See that in WSUS there is no such thing as Recommended, Optional. It is either approved or not. However the admin can see the difference between updates although there are more classifications available than in Windows/Microsoft Update.

    Hidden updates to restore

    It is always good to compare WSUS with Microsoft Update for reference and better understanding.