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  • If you want to buy a new Win7 system, look at this

    Posted on November 16th, 2016 at 17:04 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I generally avoid “sales” like the plague, but I just couldn’t pass this by.

    Dell OptiPlex 3040 Micro (that’s the little one – 7 in x 7 in x 1.4 in, only room for one 2.5-inch hard drive). $399 with i3-6100T, 4 GB, 500 GB hard drive (which takes up the only slot), 4 x USB 3, 2 x USB 2, RJ-45, HDMI 1.4, No Wi-Fi.

    Windows 7 Pro with Win10 Pro license.

    That’s a bare-bones, but fully capable non-WiFi, Win7 Pro system. For $399.

    UPDATE: Reader poohsticks has a link for a Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop, Win7 Pro, for less than $300. Check it out if you want a Win7 laptop.

    Details on this and other great hardware deals await in the comments…. And if you find a deal that’s utterly fantastic, post away!

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      Da Boss

      I generally avoid “sales” like the plague, but I just couldn’t pass this by. Dell OptiPlex 3040 Micro (that’s the little one – 7 in x 7 in x 1.4 in, o
      [See the full post at: If you want to buy a new Win7 system, look at this]

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      I recently got a Dell Inspiron 3000,
      with Win 7 Pro pre-installed,
      and it comes with a Win 10 licence too,
      for less than $300.

      This is the Dell page for it:

      Here is the PCMag editor’s choice review of this laptop, published in July 2016:
      Rating: “Excellent”

      (NOTE: You will find their remaining Windows 7 Professional laptops in the work/business computer section of their site, not in their home computer section).

      Tips for buying a computer from Dell:

      1. If you sign up with their Dell rewards program,
      it doesn’t cost anything,
      it gives you 5% of your purchase price in rewards points that you can use towards a future order (and they have accessories, etc., that start at about $10, so you’ll be able to find something you can get for free),
      it gives you free 2-day express shipping on all orders,
      and it gives you access to use their coupon codes
      (look on a special webpage on their sitge to see the available coupon codes, AFTER you sign up for their rewards program):
      I used a coupon code that gave me an instant 10% off my computer purchase.

      2. If your device comes with an antivirus program (like a year of McAfee),
      and they are charging you for it on the invoice (their site shows you several versions of your invoice — look very closely at the FULL invoice),
      call and ask them if they would take it off and reduce your purchase price accordingly.
      (Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.)

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      Here is the coupon page.

      You will see the SAVETEN coupon there that gives 10% off.


    • #22417 Reply

      Da Boss

      Excellent advice – and it looks like a killer machine.

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      Right now it comes with a free year of the $75-value ProSupport package:

      “ProSupport included. Select your ProSupport upgrade if it is not already included in the services tab.”

    • #22419 Reply


      Here is a place to sign up for their Rewards program.

      It gives you all the perks that I spelled out in my first post, above.

      (I am not sure if they have 2 different places to sign up for it — the place where I signed up for it looked different than this page does, but this looks to be okay.)

      Make sure to check all the boxes when signing up for this. (One important box is initially unchecked as you go through the sign-up process, so you’ll need to check it and say that you want to get Rewards.)

      Make sure to sign up for this, and to be logged into your Rewards account, before you put your computer order together on their site and before you try to apply the 10% off coupon code.


    • #22420 Reply


      If that Inspiron 3000 does not float your boat,

      they have 17 total configurations that still come with Windows 7 Professional:


    • #22421 Reply


      PCMag also reviewed the Dell Inspiron 5000, but did not like it as much as they liked the Inspiron 3000.
      You can look for that review on the PCMag site if you are interested.

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      For the people who only skim your blogpost titles,
      would you want to list this laptop in your initial blogpost,
      as a second option, below the “Optiplex 3040 Micro” option?

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      Appreciate the info on full machines availability,
      however since the is the most recent post surrounding the general topic
      of Windows 7 Licensing as of 11-17, I want to ask anyone’s experiences :

      For those of us possessing “untouched/legitimate” Win7sp1 isos –
      we simply need however many legitimate keys to match up with however many machines
      we need to fit out-retrofit-reimage-repurpose, etc.

      a search for “Windows 7 Product Keys” will obviously reveal many sites
      that are likely to be less than legit,
      many possibly selling “forbidden/unauthorized-for-resale” msdn/technet subs –
      the going prices seem to be ~ $30-$35.

      But my question is — what are the markers for LEGITIMATE sites,
      in your experiences/opinions?

      I see a few that average ~ $125 for either Win7 Pro or Ultimate OEM/machine-dedicated keys –
      sites including some of the major retailers we’re all very familiar with —
      couldn’t/wouldn’t that price range be a likely valid indicator of authenticity? —

      especially if they take PayPal – which, in my experience,
      has a good track record of recovering payment for faulty/misrepresented/illegitimate goods/services?

      Will sincerely appreciate your feedbacks, thanks.

    • #22424 Reply

      Da Boss

      I stick with Amazon and Newegg. But I’m a bit stodgy that way….

    • #22425 Reply


      That price is fair for what you’re getting but… “a killer machine”?

      The configuration specs show a 2.0 gig i3 processor, 4 gig/ram and a 5400 rpm HDD. That really isn’t something I’d call a “killer”.

      It may work very well for doing basic stuff but a 2 gig i3 processor with 4 gig/ram powering a 64 bit OS is pretty low end.

    • #22426 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good point.

      I guess I was comparing it to the last Win7 desktop I had, which was considerably less capable.

    • #22427 Reply


      To follow up a bit on my above “rating” of this system I’d urge anybody contemplating purchasing one of these to click on the “Help Me Choose” buttons at the right of each component.

      It helps significantly by letting you know what to expect from different options for that component. For instance, this particular system comes with 4 gig/ram… the “Help Me Choose” list doesn’t even show 4 gig, it begins with 8 gig as a suggested minimum.

    • #22428 Reply


      In case anyone is curious, the Dell Optiplex 3040 Micro has a Skylake CPU:


      The Inspiron 3000 W7 laptop has a Broadwell CPU:


    • #22429 Reply


      Those are also my top two choices!


      boring, dull, uninteresting, dreary, turgid, tedious, dry, unimaginative, uninspired, unexciting, unoriginal, monotonous, humdrum, prosaic, staid, heavy going.

      Thanks Woody… I do believe I’ve just found my new nickname, that describes me perfectly!

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      I did a lot of comparison shopping a couple of weeks ago, and I am sure that the price of this, with the 10% coupon off, and then the 5% cashback in points, and then the “complimentary” “$75” “pro” service agreement for a year, is very good for what you are getting —

      especially since we can’t compare the prices of Windows 10 devices to Windows 7 Professional devices these days, because there are far fewer Win 7 devices out there to purchase, and the Win 10 ones appear to be priced to move them out the door (I wouldn’t touch Win 10 with a bargepole).

      Compared to the last Win 7 laptop I bought, I think this i3 is supposed to be better, or at least not worse, than my i5 of 3 years ago, because of the way every level of processor improves over time…?

      My old Lenovo has 4GB ram also, and is totally fast enough for me (I am not a gamer or a creator of complex graphics).

      This laptop also has a built-in DVD player/burner (which I want in a laptop), and is relatively lightweight for its type/price category.

      There were 2 areas where my 3-year-old Lenovo appeared to be better than this Dell.

      One is the display – this one is 1366×768 and my old Lenovo is 1920×1080.
      I could not find a Win 7 laptop last month that had 1920×1080 that was in my price range – the 1920×1080 ones were mainly way up there in price, or they were too big/heavy, or they were missing something that I wanted.

      I don’t remember at the moment what the other area was where my Lenovo is of a higher spec.

      It does have more ports, but the Dell’s selection is adequate.

      However, my Lenovo was also more expensive than this one, and that was 3 years ago.

      I do not ask much of my computers, just longevity and reliability. I don’t need them to have a lot of storage or speed, just to be adequate for general use.

      Plus, to be honest, in my late-2016 frame of mind, HOW MUCH would I pay to make sure I could continue to use Windows 7, and all my Office 2007 programs and my other programs that don’t go beyond Windows 7, for another 3 years at least (until Jan 2020… if that date even matters anymore for me personally, which is now arguable)… Staying with 7 as long as I can definitely is worth a high value to me.

      If you want a low-cost, new, Windows 7 model of a middling-but-decent specification, with a built-in DVD thing, from a reputable seller, this one is the ticket!

      (And, you can configure this one in the checkout process and pay Dell more for certain upgrades, or you can tinker at home and add some extra capability, if you are that way inclined.)

    • #22431 Reply


      Tigerdirect sells refurbs with Win7 Pro and Home. I’ve bought 3 Win7 Pro refurbs in the last 2 years. No problems with any of them.

    • #22432 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good point. Tigerdirect is another one of my, uh, stodgy companies.

    • #22433 Reply


      I’m puzzled by one thing. I thought October was the last time that M$ allowed any authorized seller to sell new computers with Win7.

      Not correct?

    • #22434 Reply

      Da Boss

      Not correct – and the main reason why I didn’t “report” it at the time. Retailers are allowed to sell off old pre-installed Win7 stock until it’s gone. Which may take a while.

    • #22435 Reply


      OK, thanks. Am intrigued by the opportunity, but not needing another computer right now. Have one in reserve already. For the price, might be tempted anyway.

      I keep saying this, but it’s a money-making opportunity for someone. And too easy to dismiss it as a tiny minority.

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