• Is Microsoft forcing Win7 customers to upgrade to Win10?

    Timely question from KC:

    Have you heard of Microsoft forcing Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10?  It seems to have happened on my home computer yesterday.

    Every recent case I’ve seen involved clicking “Yes” at some point – at least on an End User License Agreement.

    I haven’t seen a screenshot of the new EULA, but I suspect it’s sneaky – it asks you to accept the EULA for Win10, without explicitly saying that you’re giving permission to upgrade to Win10.

    The “Get Windows 10” notifications are now all over the place – some ask you to click, in order to upgrade; others will just upgrade you unless you click on a small link that’s buried in the text. It’s a deceptive practice that’s beneath Microsoft – right up there with the Scroogled ads.
    Anyway, now that you’ve upgraded, you’re in good shape. You can roll back to Win7 if you like, and at any point in the future if you decide you want Win10, you’re already approved for a free upgrade.