• KB3035583, the “Get Windows 10” app is re-re-re-released

    Please check your Windows 7 and 8.1 machines, and tell me if KB 3035583 appears in Windows Update? Post here and tell me (1) Windows version, (2) Does the patch appear in the Important or Optional list, (3) Is the box to the left of the patch checked or unchecked, (4) Italicized or not. Thanks!

    (Before you ask, I’ve never seen a definitive explanation about why patches appear italicized.)

    I’ve seen three many independent reports that KB3035583 – the notorious “Get Windows 10” patch – has been re-released. Not clear if it’s recommended or not, checked or not.

    Be careful out there.

    It still isn’t listed on the official Windows Update site, and the KB article hasn’t been updated, at close of business East Coast time on Tuesday.

    I’m seeing it as unchecked, Optional, italicized on Windows 7 machines.

    On my sole surviving Windows 8.1 machine, KB 3035583 appears as optional, unchecked, italicized.

    Look for the story tomorrow morning in InfoWorld.