• Messed up MSE patches KB 3193414 and KB 3188693

    After a whole lot of fuss – and almost no documentation – it now looks like KB 3193414 is the new Microsoft Security Essentials update, to version As best I can tell, it’s completely undocumented, but many Win7 systems show it as an optional patch.

    More info from ch100:

    Microsoft has 2 antivirus products for enterprise:

    • Forefront Endpoint Protection – now in extended support
    • System Center Endpoint Protection – current

    Both use the same engine and definitions like MSE and are very similar, only that the enterprise products can be managed via Group Policy or System Center Configuration Manager. They even had a shared user interface which is still the case, only that many of the settings have been hidden in MSE, but can still be configure in the registry. I don’t know if the Group Policies apply to the home user product.

    The URL with Group Policies and System Center templates is here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg412501.aspx

    Here is some more info which is useful for MSE in the sense of excluding few locations containing databases which I posted in the past.
    After the long intro, this is what is important:
    What actually happened in the last 2 days?

    MSE & SCEP 4.10.205 was released and is apparently buggy.

    FEP update has not been released, it is the first time, but this may be  due to the product being in extended support and getting only definitions from now on. Current version

    SCEP – and this the interesting one. 4.10.205 was released while was expired (pulled). See the pattern for CU/rollups?

    However, after few hours, SCEP 4.10.205 has gone missing while it is not expired. Previous version 4.8.204 has been expired for long time and pulled completely.

    So the only current version available to download (as update, but it is full as well) and working is 4.7.209 from March 2015, 3 versions behind.

    While FEP, a product few years old is current at because this update being potentially the last for the product was not pulled.
    This is a side effect of the concept of rollups when things go bad. It is not catastrophic, but not professional either. 4.10.205 was not pulled either, only missing. What is going on?

    … and this one re-released yesterday https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/kb/3153224
    Revised March 2016 anti-malware platform update for Endpoint Protection clients
    What a mess.