• Microsoft Update Catalog now works with any browser

    From abbodi86:

    Microsoft Update Catalog is finally updated to work with any browser

    tested opera (old) and chrome

    even in IE, the above link gives similar new experience, where you get download link directly
    the other link (without www) gives the old ActiveX experience

    I just tested it in Firefox, using the search term “October x64” and, yes, it works quite well.


    The interface is a little funky – in order to download a file, you have to click on “Download” and, in the resulting box, click a hyperlink to the filename – but it works.

    Now we’re ready for “normal” people to join Group B. It isn’t time to download anything yet, but the tools are now in place.

    UPDATE: Several folks have noted that the new link does not work in Edge. It doesn’t work in Edge for me, either. Maybe that’s why MS hasn’t announced it officially just yet.