• Microsoft’s Edge team gets it

    I’m disappointed with Edge as it now stands – lots of reasons, which I’ll talk about in a future InfoWorld review. Microsoft’s been at it for more than two years, and there’s still a very long way to go.

    I’m not giving up hope for Edge, though. There are some very, very smart people bringing it along.

    Exhibit #1: A new post on the Windows blog called “The Progress of Web Apps.” Although the author/s isn’t/aren’t identified by name, the people who wrote it definitely know whereof they speak —  and they get it.

    There’s a revolution going on – from Web apps running in a browser, to Web Apps running outside the browser, to Hosted Web apps which are pulled down dynamically on execution, to Progressive Web Apps which blur the distinction between web-based apps and native apps.

    I always thought of Progressive Web Apps as a Google-driven, primarily Chrome-based capability. I was wrong. Microsoft’s very much in the loop, and Edge will be the vehicle.

    Could be that the most important advance in Windows will come from Edge. Some day.