• Mysterious re-release of KB3150513 – on Windows 10, no less

    This in from DP:

    I just rec’d notification of the above update on my Win10 system yesterday. I am running ver. 1511, build 10586.545. I have searched around the web trying to find out what it’s going to attempt to do to my system if I download and install.

    I found all the articles around May of 2016, but nothing this recent. I found some users at The Windows Club who got the same KB within the last day or two expressing some concern, but no one seems to know what it will do to Win 10 system. I’ve used the Group Policy Editor to control updates and haven’t gotten the AU update notice yet. Could KB3150513 be Microsoft’s attempt to entice the AU on me?

    Thanks for helping. Your Windows 10 book for Dummies is the best, BTW.

    I’m not seeing it on my Win10 1511 machines, but it’s starting to pop up all over the web. The KB article was last updated today.

    Anybody know what’s up?