• New Get Windows 10 screen – is it more confusing, or enlightening?

    You may have noticed the brouhaha in the press about the new “Get Windows 10” nag screen that’s starting to show up on Win7 and 8.1 machines.

    Paul Thurrott notes on thurrott.com, qute correctly, that “The Ability to Cancel or Schedule the Windows 10 Upgrade is Not New.” But if you look at the details in the screen shot he posted (from March), and compare it to the new screen, there are certain differences.

    I had a post ready to go when I saw Paul’s analysis, but backed off. Arguing about subtle differences in dialog boxes struck me as a debate about angels dancing on the head of a pin.

    I think Gregg Keizer at Computerworld got it right when he called the new dialog a “final, aggressive Windows 10 upgrade push.” Which it is.

    Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet took a different approach in Microsoft makes saying no to Windows 10 update a little easier. I don’t agree with her – sorry, Mary Jo, but “X”ing out of a dialog box should not set the wheels in motion for an unwanted upgrade – but she does have a valid point.

    The big lingering question to me is… What will the EULA acceptance dialog look like? That’ll be the point where push comes to shove. People will either say “no” to the EULA, and thus block the upgrade to Win10. Or they’ll say “yes” to the EULA, quite possibly not realizing that they’re also saying “yes” to upgrading to Windows 10.

    Time will tell.

    Can you believe it’s come to this?