• News from Josh Mayfield, the GWX Control Panel developer

    Just saw this on Josh’s site:

    Hi folks, I’ve had virtually no personal time in the past week due to work, so haven’t been able to respond to emails or blog comments much.

    I am aware of the new Microsoft updates (KB3139929 and KB3146449) that infect Internet Explorer with Windows 10 ads and I am actually putting several other GWX Control Panel features on hold in order to study and hopefully fix and/or prevent those patches. Keep an eye on the “News and Hot Tips” section of this post over the next few days; I will update once I know more and have a fix.

    If you have questions about other Windows Update patches, please read the first topic of theGWX Control Panel FAQ. 

    If you’re looking for other assistance with the program, please read about the “Save Diagnostic Info” feature at this post and contact me with details, with the understanding that I might be rather slow to respond, due to having very little personal time outside of work in recent weeks.