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  • Of course the free Win10 upgrade continues – but who wants it?

    Posted on July 31st, 2016 at 10:33 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    There’s been some comment online about the “assistive technologies” loophole in the Win10 free upgrade process. Basically (as noted in my next post), anybody can upgrade from Win7 or Win8.1 to Win10, for free, if they go through the channel set up for those who use assistive technologies.

    I’m 100% convinced that the brass at MS knew about the loophole long before it was set up. It’s very likely that this is a nod ‘n a wink pressure relief valve for those who forgot to upgrade for free.

    But you have to wonder: Is there one, single Windows 7 or 8.1 user on the face of the planet who doesn’t know that the free upgrade period expired on July 29? Just one?

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    Home Forums Of course the free Win10 upgrade continues – but who wants it?

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    • #38439 Reply

      Da Boss

      There’s been some comment online about the “assistive technologies” loophole in the Win10 free upgrade process. Basically (as noted in my next post),
      [See the full post at: Of course the free Win10 upgrade continues – but who wants it?]

    • #38440 Reply


      Must Narrator (or another app of the Easy Access Center) be activated?

      Just curious. I dare not try it.

    • #38441 Reply

      Da Boss

      Nope. YOu can run Narrator any ol’ time. Nothing to it.

    • #38442 Reply


      Can somebody kindly experiment this with me…

      On Win7-8
      when you go offline and unplug the internet cable or wireless device
      does you Win activation key get deactivated?

      then restart the computer
      and see if its still deactivated?

      then connect to internet
      and see if it get activated again by itself?

      All without you deactivate or activate
      but something at the background is snooping and checking all the time….

      could be magic bug in the machine
      or a little activation man need to sleep too 🙂

      could be Win thinking there’s new hardware?

      anyone that can experiment that would be appreciated…
      the implication could be something to watch (closer than before)

      if there be a time if worldwide internet is down or shut down or force down…. and if for a long dark period…
      perhaps W7 is also un-usable? even if local electricity supply is available?

      just thought of it…
      XP seems to be or can be activated offline while W7 above need online activation and looks like constant checking/hacking

      Zorin looks good to me too… but like many we still have many paid software/games/av that we use for the decades which is not so easy to migrate atm… experimenting WINE

      well… the price? once forced to leave, never will we come back…. NO??! even the BIG BLUE died…. NO?!

      dont think its over… until its over. until you are safe and satisfied.

      p/s thanks woody…. great service and help here to many
      you rock buddy


    • #38443 Reply


      Did you seriously actually insinuate a link between AT users and being intellectually challenged? If so, I find that offensive (on a personal level) and extremely misguided.

    • #38444 Reply


      But there are actual, good reasons to upgrade.

    • #38445 Reply

      Da Boss

      I sincerely doubt Noel was drawing that association. I have friends and family members who need assistive technologies – and my eyes ain’t gettin’ any better.

    • #38446 Reply

      Da Boss

      Removing your computer from the internet does not deactivate it, or change its “genuine” status in any way.

      If you’re logging on with a Microsoft Account, the rules are bent a little bit. But activation doesn’t change.

    • #38447 Reply


      Ctrl + love it!

    • #38448 Reply


      So will the August Win 7 & 8 updates include a patch that pops a flashing red ? icon in the sysclock area, and when you click it, it says, “Do you ever need extra assistance? EVER?! Good news… you qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Click this link now!”


    • #38449 Reply

      Noel Carboni

      No offense intended – it was just a joke. Please do not take it as anything but.

      One of the paragraphs on Microsoft’s linked page suggests that such users may be seeking a 3rd party AI. Read it yourself:

      I free-associated that as “needing artificial intelligence as a substitute for genuine intelligence”, hence the genesis of my joke.

      And no, in all seriousness unfortunately there are really NO good or strong reasons to upgrade.

      That’s the core of the problem.

      Microsoft hasn’t done anything to make it more valuable for serious / professional COMPUTER users, but have pushed it on us like the worlds most aggressive used car salesmen nonetheless.


    • #38450 Reply

      Noel Carboni

      I unfortunately can no longer find the mention of “3rd party AI”. Could have been a typo that’s since been corrected?


    • #38451 Reply

      Noel Carboni

      >something at the background is snooping and
      >checking all the time

      While it does not deactivate/activate your Windows setup on a moment by moment basis depending on your instantaneous internet connectivity, there IS this installed and running in most Windows 7 systems:

      KB971033 – “the update for Windows Activation Technologies”


      Those of us with legitimately licensed and activated installations should not worry that there is a program running regularly that checks to see whether Microsoft would like to change our activation status from “permanently activated” to something else, right?

      We don’t worry because Microsoft never, ever makes mistakes, or leaves bugs in programs, or does things that are not noble.


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    • #38452 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Frankly, I’m sick and damn tired of all this Win10 crap. I no longer trust Microsoft with ANYTHING.

    • #38454 Reply

      Carl D

      Changing the time back to July 28th on your computer clock works too apparently.


      Probably not for long though.

    • #38455 Reply

      Da Boss

      Let’s let that be the final word.

    • #38456 Reply

      Da Boss

      FYI… the contentious thread about “intellectually challenged” has been deleted. Noel wrote to me and explained that he misunderstood an earlier reference, and did not intend to offend anyone.

    • #38457 Reply

      Noel Carboni

      Thank you. My apologies for any upset caused.


    • #38458 Reply


      I know… but that happened
      to my computer anyway…

      been testing for several days now…
      thats why I ask for another confirmation here…
      the strange phenomena

      anyway could be my seriously messed up manual configuration
      or could it be somebody else try fingering inappropriately since I block everything?

      anyway I know its not suppose to happen
      but it did
      since the building up of w10 change over event
      so it suggest (to me) what the W7 future might hold
      if the key is or can be used as the “kill switch”??

      Thanks for reply woody & Noel 🙂
      Hopefully it will go away…


    • #38459 Reply

      Dan Jacobs


      This article discusses some things that people will want to do now that they have Windows 10 in a company or educational network.

    • #38460 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good blog post, but it is strictly for admins. The recent changes to Windows 10 Pro aren’t mentioned. I hope to have a similar article up shortly, which applies to all editions, not just Win10 Enterprise and Education.

    • #38461 Reply


      I just read a post on gHacks from a person who said he used the media creation tool on July 31, 2016 to install the free upgrade to W10 and it completed and activated successfully on August 1.

      Is it possible that when MS stated that the free upgrade to W10 was over July 29, 2016, they were only referring to it being no longer delivered via Windows Update?

    • #38462 Reply

      Da Boss

      Much, much more likely that they haven’t yet updated the version of Win10 in the media creation tool website.

    • #38463 Reply


      I had a system that failed a week before the deadline, but wasn’t upgraded yet. Has to be sent to vendor, and so it’s gone, and was in a non-bootable state.

      So there certainly are issues where it might be useful to be able to still upgrade.

    • #38465 Reply

      Da Boss

      It’s very good advice. Glad to hear it still works!

    • #38467 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      woody, this Aug. 3 ZDNet article from Mary Jo Foley says it all: “Windows 10 free upgrade is still available using Windows 7 and 8 product keys”


    • #38468 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yep, and as of this morning they’re still working.

      But that assumes (1) you want to upgrade and (2) you somehow managed to miss the upgrade notices over the past six months. I’m sure there are a few people in that boat, but I haven’t heard from any of them.

    • #38469 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      AND it is STILL working. I just upgraded my dad’s Toshiba C55Dt-A laptop (which supports a Win10 upgrade by Toshiba) from Win8.1 to Win10 v1511 on Sunday 8/7 by using USB Flash media that I made from a Win10 ISO file with the Rufus tool. I set up a WiFi connection after installation (not during it) and Win10 was activated automatically.

      Note that I did an “offline” upgrade installation of Win10, not an online/internet based one. And I did NOT use the Win10 w/ anniversary update media since Win10 v1607 (anniversary update) seems to be causing some problems.

      The Win10 v1511 installation media I used had the April 2016 cumulative update already integrated. The upgrade went through without any problems.

      Also v20.19.0.32837 of the AMD Radeon 8400 / R3 HD Graphics driver was available from Windows Update & MS Update Catalog for my dad’s Toshiba laptop that has WDDM 2.0 & DirectX 12 support (yay!)

    • #38470 Reply

      Da Boss

      Fascinating. Wonder how long it’ll keep working?

    • #38471 Reply

      Da Boss

      Very strange. And great – for you!

    • #38472 Reply


      Strange: yes, but my guts felt that it will succeed.
      I also noticed that – all – machines upgraded to W10Pro in the free upgrade period use the same serial no. I’m curious if I can make use of it. Gonna try, but not now.
      Great… not sure; I fear that bunch of “techno-enthusiasts” will start asking questions of “Why am I not on the current operating system” kind. It happens sometimes here.

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