• Return of the bogus 3.99 TB Windows Update Cleanup files

    The unacknowledged Win10 cumulative update KB 3201845 brings with it another annoying bug. ch100 reports:


    Following the installation of KB3201845 on 3 machines, 2 with Windows 10 1607 and the other with Windows Server 2016 and running Disk Cleanup, this comes up consistently on all 3 machines.

    It cannot be right as I don’t even have that amount of storage.

    After running Disk Cleanup with that option selected, it does not come back at next run.

    I am wondering if it breaks anything though.

    It ends up that we saw the same bug in October with both the Win10 1607 patch, KB 3194798, and the Win10 1511 patch, KB 3192441.

    When people talk about “bug regression,” this is exactly what they’re describing – a bug that was wiped out previously, but returns to haunt another cumulative update.

    “Deleting” the non-existent files seems to do the trick. I haven’t heard of any complications.