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  • Still no answer to the source of Win7 slow scanning

    Posted on September 18th, 2016 at 07:34 woody 70 comments

    It’s an interesting question: When did the Win7 update scan slowdowns start, and why?

    ch100 has been running extensive tests, starting with Win7 SP1, and using various methods to roll forward. Here’s what he says:

    Abbodi made a recent claim that the whole Windows 7 slowdown started with the October 2015 release of KB3095649.

    The idea is that WU agent 7.6.7600.320 which gets automatically installed first if there is no higher version installed on the system interferes somehow with KB3095649 which breaks the supersedence chain due to a Microsoft faulty implementation.

    I have a feeling that Aboddi is right about that patch, but I will try to prove  it by testing in simulated conditions with VMs and WSUS in which I will decline selectively patches after September 2015, after October 2015 and if finding a difference, selectively declining patches one by one until finding out what is going on…


    My tests have not proved anything unfortunately. I tested in few scenarios, with the original agent 7.6.7600.320 installed for all tests…

    There may be in fact differences between my WSUS testing  and Windows Update online, as I don’t have control over what is pushed from there.

    What I can say is that except for the fact that we have current workarounds which seem to work consistently (Canadian Tech & abbodi method and/or Dalai’s method which are not exclusive at all and can even be combined), we still don’t know how the slow scanning was generated in the first place.

    Anybody else have solid evidence, pointing to KB 3095649, or some other patch(es)?

    At this point the question’s largely academic, particularly with imminent changes coming to Win7 and 8.1 updating. But the Win7 update scan slowdown has led to the loss of hundreds of millions of work hours – and sucked up enough electricity to power a small city.

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    70 Responses to “Still no answer to the source of Win7 slow scanning”

    1. Adasch says:


      Its easy to fix it
      from ms website first download on usb or whatever following updates

      On clear W7 SP1
      turn on your system disconnected from, network
      (its important! if not, WU try search updates before start manual install downloaded updates. If disconnected PC start search , restart again – some times this happens. Typical time between run KB and ask for install take 7 seconds:) )

      now install:
      KB3050265 then restart (fix first WU agent for memory leaks)
      KB3020369 then restart
      KB3172605 then restart

      and don’t install any WU Agent updates in future.

      now connect your network, and viola! scan take 5-7 min on Core 2 duo 3,06Mhz

      many times tested on ThinkPad W500 after recovery W7 w/o SP1. Tested on many PC,s with W7

      After install SP1, regular WU method needed 12 hour – I’m think, it’s darkness M$ plan for force users to switch on W10


      • abbodi86 says:

        KB3050265 is superseded and not needed, KB3172605 contain all and both fixes
        no need to reboot after KB3020369 if not prompted

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