• Stuck at Win8 – what to do?

    Interesting question from DB:

    Don’t yell at me too bad, but for various reason I have not upgraded to Win 8.1, still using 8. Should I wait till the dust settles over patch Tuesday or rush and do now?(which is not really where I can). And how is the best way to upgrade? I am not really tech savvy I just follow your website and do my best. And I have your 8.1 dummies book. I have turned off automatic updates as you suggested for group B.


    I do update each month with the patches that have come through.

    My response:

    Win8 is dead. The few patches you have installed aren’t enough to protect your machine.

    Unless you have some programs that absolutely require Windows, you should look into getting a Chromebook. (As long as the snooping doesn’t bother you.) Upgrading to Win10 at this point will cost you almost as much as a new machine.

    If you don’t want to shell out the extra money, yep, you should upgrade to Win 8.1. The upgrade should appear in the Windows Update list.