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  • The core of the Win7 update scan slowdown

    Posted on October 31st, 2016 at 14:54 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I have a full article coming out  in InfoWorld on Friday, but for those of you who have asked – and are jumping up and down looking for an answer – here’s the very short version:

    If you don’t use Bluetooth, download KB 3172605 – 32 bit is here, 64 bit is here. Turn off the internet and install it.

    If you get the message that KB 3172605 is “not applicable to your computer,” download and install KB 3020369 – 32 bit is here and 64 bit is here.

    And promise me you’ll read all of the details when the article comes out!

    If that helped, take a second to support AskWoody on Patreon

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      Da Boss

      I have a full article coming out  in InfoWorld on Friday, but for those of you who have asked – and are jumping up and down looking for an answer – he
      [See the full post at: The core of the Win7 update scan slowdown]

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      This InfoWorld article coming out Friday… would this be the same article you’ve been telling us for the past couple days would be out today?

      I’m not being cynical Woody, just curious.

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      Da Boss


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      I have an unbranded best buy windows 8.1 64-bit tablet that takes forever on the scans and downloads now too. I’ve also noticed that the MSE on the Win7 computer has not been updating definitions as often or running the daily scans like I have scheduled. I can get it to update and scan manually so not too concerned, but is this issue linked to the Win7 update scan slowdown? Win8.1 Defender has a similar issue when it updates definitions.

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      Megan Ryan

      Alright I’ll download the update because I got the first one the 302 one I mean, the other I’ll download tonight or tomorrow morning and tomorrow night I’ll install updates that are safe and secure than crap because I hid the optional and other stuff. Plus I look here to ensure to install the needed or safe ones.

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      Hi Woody,

      I’ve asked you this morning about it, but now that you’ve posted this article about Windows 7, I can’t help but ask again for windows 10. Is the issue of Windows 10 windows update hanging (while searching/downloading subsequent updates) after installing version 1607 a widespread issue? (please don’t tell me it’s just me…) And is it specific to 1607 or windows 10 in general? Ugh…so tempted to revert back to 1511 if it’s specific to 1607…

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      Woody: Gave up trying to update my Windows 7 rig after 2 1/2 hours last night … Just now followed your advice and applied KB 3172605 and had my updates in just over 3 minutes … Of course, that’s this month … who knows what’s lurking for November…

      Thanks for fighting the good fight!

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      Da Boss

      My guess is that it’ll continue to work… until Microsoft changes somthing major.

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      Da Boss

      I haven’t seen the problem. Perhaps someone else here has?

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      Da Boss

      This is Win7 specific.

      I don’t know about Win 8.1.

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      On Windows 7 machines, MSE can often fail to update its definitions when Windows Update is slow-scanning. If you turn off WU, MSE will resume its expected behavior.

      I can’t speak for Windows 8.1, but I suggest that you try turning off Windows Update there, and see if MSE’s behavior improves. Assuming that you only apply patches once a month, there is no point in having WU running the rest of the time.

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      Yes, it is widespread for new installations. It is common with everything released under 1607, Windows 10, Windows 10 LTSB, Windows Server 2016.
      The fix is to install the most recent CU manually – see my reply to you about how to access the Catalog in the other thread.

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      … on the condition that all Monthly Updates (Security and Quality, not Preview) as they come on WU are installed. Otherwise it is everyone’s guess.

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      Woody, Woody, Woody
      Thank you. After sitting there yesterday and still checking for updates…followed your advice from the this summary article and done in 5 minutes!!!!Thank you again.

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      Thanks Woody. I managed to install the security only update for win 7 following your directions and it went well. Winupdate went wonky for a few days and the security rollup wouldn’t disappear even though I had the alternative and the MSRT and net update went into an endless loop. Two days ago I hid the “group a” rollup and managed to install the net and msrt. Things look good.

      I’ll wait for your article before installing anything else but have a question about kb/3177467. This appeared after the last set was installed. Do we need it and will it speed up wu checks?

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      Da Boss

      Hold off on 3177467

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      I get the “not applicable to your computer” error message, and when trying to install KB 3020369, I get the message that it’s already installed.

      Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bits.

    • #24544 Reply

      Da Boss

      Does it appear on your list of installed updates?

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      KB 3020369 was installed on 20 August 2015.

      KB 3172605 was installed on 22 July 2016.

      Does this mean that I’ve already done all that is to be done?

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      Hi ch100,

      I did as you instructed, was able to download in the end and your method worked like a charm! Will do the same for my desktop! Thanks a bunch!

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      Da Boss

      Yes. How long are your scans?

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      Minutes, not hours. I guess I’m doing as well as I can.

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      I actually installed the two updates Woody mentions on one of my machines today, based on Canadian Tech’s feature on the MS forum as linked from Windows Secrets. This followed a snail-paced WU installation on my other machine and with this machine taking 8 hours to check for the updates and a further 6 hours without the download moving off 0%. At that point I gave up, cancelled the download and went for the recommended solution.

      Within half an hour or so I had both the speed-up updates installed, with the October updates also found, downloaded, and installed.

      Thanks to Canadian Tech for his initial advice and to Woody for repeating it here.

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      From my understanding, KB3177467 is the servicing stack update that supersedes KB3020369. Haven’t seen any nasty reports in the 2-3 weeks it’s been out.

      Is there anything that we appear to be missing that would end up divulged in the next InfoWorld article? 🙂

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      Da Boss

      Mostly a discussion of Intel’s continuing intransigence with its bluetooth driver

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      Update on the 2 computers: Windows update still is taking too long imho.

      Win7 is currently attempting to download and install the Silverlight & 2 Office patches available after it had no problem downloading & installing KB890830 and rather quickly like it used to. I have all the following already on the computer: KB3138612 & KB3145739 since Apr 30, KB3185911 since Oct 3, KB3192391 since Oct 29. Is there a newer version of KB3020369? My computer has had that installed since June 2 2015. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if MSE improves.

      Win8.1 tablet is attempting to download KB3192392 using the WU standalone installer. Currently see “searching for updates on this computer” for about 30 min now. On Defender scans/definitions (MSE is not on the tablet) : tried turning off WU on the 8.1 tablet, got message to check internet/network connections and error code 0x80070422 and could not update definitions. That’s when I stopped WU from running and changed the startup type to disabled. So I readjusted the settings back to manual like it was originally set to. Lately, I’ve been waiting for the popup notice saying that Defender needs to be updated, attempt to update 3-4 times before it finally updates. Any other suggestions?

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      Oops. Woody’s instructions said “turn off the internet” and I didn’t know how to do that, so I Googled and followed instructions to open Device Manager and right-click the Network Adapters” and choose “Disable.”

      Fortunately, I only did that to the first of three (I still have internet access), but as soon as I chose “Disable,” it *disappeared* from Device Manager (so I can’t right-click and choose “Enable” to get it back).

      And I don’t know what device it was.

      Anybody know how I can re-enable it?

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      It did not work for me.

      I followed exactly your instructions in the article “Time to get the first post-patchocalypse patches”. After installing all pending (group B) and restart the WU search took forever. (Note: I completed all your instructions and updates).

      KB3172605 tells me that is “not applicable to my computer”. I installed KB3020369 without problems but after that there are no changes, the WU has worked more than half an hour and still scanning…

      (Win7x64 Pro)

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      I’ve yet to receive KB3177467 and i’m presuming it’s because i have pending updates waiting and if i hid them it would show up. I’ve installed october’s updates but just the security only ones.

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      Just a small caveat you might want to put in your article. Make sure that Service Pack 1 is installed, or the 3172605 update will give you “the update is not appropriate for you computer” message. I know it’s an obvious point, but it had been so long since I had seen a Windows 7 computer without SP1 installed, I never thought to look, and was mystified why I was getting that message.

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      Da Boss

      GACK! I missed it!

    • #24558 Reply

      Da Boss

      Abbodi, ch100, any ideas?

    • #24559 Reply

      Da Boss

      You disabled the device?

      Hmmm… device manager >view >show hidden devices?

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      It looks like I may have lucked out in the sense that apparently two of my three Network Adapter “devices” (Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport and Dell Wireless 1703 802.11) are created by the same driver, and I disabled the first, but the second was still shown. (I came to this realization after a trip to Dell Support.)

      So I right-clicked the one that still showed and chose “Enable” and suddenly I had three “devices” listed again.

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      Looked back on my installed updates and 3020369 was installed on May 11, 2016; then I installed 3172605 earlier today then restarted so tomorrow I will find out if everything works.

    • #24562 Reply

      Some Dude

      As an 8.1 user on my machines scans are actually quite fast. Although I do have a laptop that is sluggish. Like Windows 7 level sluggish here. Manually installing the April 2015 servicing stack update and March 2016 update client update? Update client update? I don’t know. I find these massively cutdown the scan time. Although you could have a slow internet connection too. April 2015 Servicing Stack Update March 2016 Update Client

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      I thought I’d explain to folks a little bit about why your summary blogpost here instructs all the people who use Bluetooth on their computers NOT to try this speed-up process until after they have read your detailed InfoWorld article on Friday —

      There is an issue with some Bluetooth adapters not getting along at all with the patch KB3172605, and installing that patch can sometimes even cause harm to the computer in ways that the action of uninstalling KB3172605 may NOT reverse (on its own).

      Some people who do use Bluetooth on their computer can probably simply employ the speed-up process that you sketched out above —

      it’s just that BEFORE they try this speed-up process, they need to make sure that

      1) their Bluetooth adapter is not one of the makes/models that are known to be harmed by patch KB3172605,


      2) if it is one of the makes/models that are harmed by KB3172605, they need to find out if the manufacturer of the adapter (and/or the manufacturer of the computer) has in the last couple of months published a fix for it, and they need to employ that Bluetooth adapter fix before installing KB3172605.


      3) if it is one of the makes/models that are harmed by KB3172605, and the manufacturer of the adapter (and/or the manufacturer of the computer) has NOT published a fix for it, they need to decide whether they want their computer’s Bluetooth capability to work, or whether they want to install KB3172605. If they don’t want to lose the Bluetooth capability, and need to avoid installing KB3172605, then their future installations of Windows Updates might be limited or complicated to pull off, so this is a serious matter for them.

      Woody’s InfoWorld article on Friday will discuss those complex issues and concerns, and advise on the steps to take,
      so it will be well worth waiting until Friday for the people who use Bluetooth in their computers, and who are unfamiliar with this problematic Bluetooth/KB3172605 relationship, or who are familiar with the problems, but don’t know what they personally can or can’t do about it in relation to their own computers.

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      On another active discussion thread here, there were some concerns raised by CH100 and maybe a few others about KB3177467 and the wider servicing stack update situation – it’s a bit tricky, apparently; or on some machines, it is showing some unusual results or something.

      You can look up KB3177467 in a site search to find the discussion I’m talking about – it has been active in the last two days, so it won’t be too hard to find.

    • #24565 Reply


      Regarding your question about whether Woody’s next InfoWorld article on Friday will discuss KB3177467, I do not think that that particular article (on the Bluetooth/KB3172605 issue) will include discussion of the servicing stack patches.

    • #24568 Reply


      Woody, is that something that a system restore could fix?

    • #24572 Reply



      I have found that discussion for you — go to this post:

      and then read a handful of posts above it and a handful of posts below it, to get the entire context.

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      “Is there a newer version of KB3020369? My computer has had that installed since June 2 2015. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if MSE improves.”
      Yes. My version is dated October 4, 2016

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      I do use bluetooth though 🙁

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      I believe that the user has KB3172605 hidden.
      Hugo, you are far behind with the updates if you didn’t have KB3020369 installed. This update has been released in April 2015.
      Your only chance to catch up and secure your computer is to move in Group A and unhide everything hidden and install everything that is already checked and comes up on Windows Update. It may take longer for the first scan or maybe not, but after you install the patches there, everything should get back to normal.
      For the following months, follow Woody’s advice and install only when MS-DEFCON changes to 3, 4, or 5. Woody will clarify it every month when the time comes.
      It is far too complex for you to stay in Group B if you have essential patches missing after 18 months.
      Sorry Woody, you asked for it 🙂

    • #24585 Reply

      John whittaker

      I can’t remember HOW or WHEN I came across the ASKWOODY site but I’m just sure glad I did ,Woody for president.

      Thanks for all your hard work
      I’m sure I would be in a mess without it .


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      [ Hold off on 3177467 ]

      WU Turned OFF in my Win 7 – Per CanadianTech I cannot STOP WU in Win Services (get Stop-ING)and I didn’t know at the time to disconnect the internet – BUT 3177467 Installed 10/28 as a Single Dnload (as WU “More Information” link suggests) and Nothing Negative has occurred following multi System Re-starts.

      KB 3177467 Restart stuck on “Stage 2 of 2” or “Stage 3 of 3″……………..
      After you install update 3177467 [together with other updates], a restart may be required to complete the installation. During this restart, you may find yourself stuck on “Stage 2 of 2” or “Stage 3 of 3”.
      If you encounter this issue, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to continue to log on. This should occur only one time and does not prevent updates from installing successfully.
      Note In managed environments, such as by using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), you can avoid either of these issues by deploying this update as a stand-alone update.

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      Da Boss


    • #24593 Reply

      Da Boss

      Possibly – if Restore is working, and not much else has been happening…

    • #24594 Reply

      Da Boss

      Well said.

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      Da Boss


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      Easier way to do it would probably be to just unplug your modem. I mean, it would mean that nobody in your house would have internet access for however long you take doing what you have to do, but it works 😛

    • #24597 Reply


      If you think Win7 has problems try updating a Vista machine. Windows Update uselessly sucked up 25% CPU usage on an x64 Quad Core machine while it devoured approximately 70% of Physical Memory. After letting the machine sit for about 10 hours in this condition I gave up and shut it down for the day. It looks like I’ll have to manually apply the security updates that I’ve already downloaded. I can do the same for the installed version of Office 2007 but the path to follow for dealing with the .Net Framework is much less clear.

      The only thing Vista users are receiving from Microsoft in the twilight of Extended Support is an extended digit.

    • #24598 Reply

      Da Boss


    • #24599 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yep. Or unplug your machine from the router, or disable your Wi-Fi.

    • #24600 Reply

      Volume Z

      Current causes for this are KB3191203 and KB3185911. Make sure to have them installed in advance.

    • #24601 Reply


      @poohsticks: TY for the clarification 🙂 When I compiled my latest ISO, I integrated the newest servicing stack all alone as the first one and then saved, unmount, mount again and integrate the other hotfixes.

      I guess I landed it right….by accident 😀

    • #24602 Reply


      I installed KB31720605 and Windows Update is now functioning normally. I wonder how long this will last.

    • #24603 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      To disconnect from the Internet:
      Wireless connection. Click the connection icon on the bottom right of your screen. It looks like 5 vertical parallel bars. Select your connection, click on it, click disconnect. This will work in at least 90% of situations.
      Wired connection. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer. The cable is unique in that the end is a square plastic piece (larger than the telephone connector) with a tiny little tab that you must depress to remove the wire from its port.
      If your connection is through a telephone wire directly to your computer (rare these days), simply remove that plug.

      To reconnect to the Internet:
      Wireless connection. Click the connection icon on the bottom right of your screen. Select your usual connection. Click Connect
      Wired connection. Put the cable back into your computer.

    • #24604 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      Volume Z, should I be modifying the Solution discussion to show the need for a disconnect form the Internet?

    • #24605 Reply

      Da Boss


    • #24606 Reply

      Volume Z

      Hi CT,

      I suggest not to modify anything. You’ve created the template for the official Microsoft advice.

      Regards, VZ 🙂

    • #24607 Reply



      yes you should modify the solution with a step by step instruction on how to stop Windows Update in Task manager –> Services. Lots of non techie people reading and dealing with these issues.

    • #24608 Reply


      Thanks. I have a wired connection. Does unplugging the cable typically result in a simple/instant off/on, or does that create a need for modem cycling or resetting at the ISP end? (That’s what I was hoping to avoid by doing a software-based disconnect.)

      My ISP is Time Warner Cable, if that’s relevant.

    • #24609 Reply

      Da Boss

      Pull the plug. When you’re done, stick it back in. Never had a problem with it.

    • #24610 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      Louis, This is what it currently says:

      The process starts by ensuring that there is nothing running that will prevent the update from working properly. Click on the Start globe and type services into the text box. Click on Services in the list that pops up. In the window that then pops up (its alphabetic), find Windows Update. Right-click on it (left-click if your mouse is set for left-handers) and choose Stop.

      Would you please offer me suggestions on how to improve it?

    • #24611 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      VZ, note that that web page does not say anything about stopping WU first. I am pretty confident that you have to stop the service first.

    • #24612 Reply


      Windows 8.1 scan problem is not widespread like Windows 7
      however, the solution is practically the same, install the latest latest Windows Update Client which is included with July 2016 update rollup

      servicing stack prerequisite KB3173424
      July 2016 update rollup KB3172614

      servicing stack prerequisite KB3020369
      July 2016 update rollup KB3172605

    • #24613 Reply


      Or via command line
      ipconfig /release
      ipconfig /release6

      ipconfig /renew
      ipconfig /renew6

    • #24614 Reply

      Da Boss

      Thank you!

    • #24615 Reply


      Follow these steps precisely

      if it’s not working, then the issue is not with WU itself, rather in you OS
      check integrity:
      sfc /SCANNOW

    • #24616 Reply


      It’s lasting since 5 months now, so i would say it will last for a long time

    • #24617 Reply


      I’m having the same issue as Hugo. When I checked to see if KB3172605 was hidden, all my hidden entries are gone. It’s a blank page now, and says I haven’t hidden any updates. Yeah, I have. Where’d they go?

    • #24618 Reply


      I manually installed all October Vista security updates. After rebooting, it still took Windows Update several hours to finish checking for remaining updates (Office & .Net Framework). At least it finished before the clock chimed midnight!

      When it comes to Vista, all bets are off.

    • #24619 Reply

      Da Boss

      If Windows Update deterines that an update is no longer needed, it can disappear from your hidden updates list. Or if the patch changes from Optional to Recommended, it can disappear then, too.

    • #24620 Reply

      Volume Z

      Hidden updates will appear only after search has been performed.

      I don’t see a reason to assume you or Hugo have hidden KB3172605. I see a reason to assume none of you have KB3172605 installed though.

      Regards, VZ

    • #24621 Reply


      Thank you all for your answers.

      This is the situation:
      – I’m doing a clean reinstall of Windows 7×64 Pro (spanish)
      – After installing Windows 7 I installed SP1 (not from WU, I have it on file since 2014)
      – Then I followed the exact instructions of Woody in “A new list of minimal updates for Windows 7”
      – Then I followed the instructions of Woody in “MS-DEFCON 3: Time to get the first post-patchocalypse patches patched” (group B)
      – After that the WU search took forever.
      – Then I followed the instructions of Woody in “The core of the Win7 update scan slowdown”. KB3172605 says
      is “not applicable to your computer”, then I installed KB3020369, but after that the WU still keep scaning forever.

      – All I have installed is AVG antivirus and Chrome. That’s all (really).

      I can start again all the process to do different steps if necessary, but what I need to change?.

    • #24622 Reply


      Hey Woody, I installed KB 3020369, and then I was able to install KB 3172605. That fixed Windows update …for now. What are your thoughts on KB 3042058? It’s an update to the default cipher suite priority order and came up as a standalone security update when I ran WU. Oh, and after WU completed all my previously hidden updates reappeared. Updating really shouldn’t be this difficult. I was almost ready to just choose skipping updates from this point on.

    • #24623 Reply

      Da Boss

      KB 3042058 is an old security patch. Yeah, you should install it.

      You’re right. Updating shouldn’t be this hard. My Chromebook… oh well, but I digress…

    • #24624 Reply

      Da Boss

      Probably best to wait for the InfoWorld article on Friday, but…

      All you should need are here

    • #24625 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      I would not ever install an AV before completing the WU of a re-install. In fact, when I do re-installs, the AV is the last thing I install. Chrome could be a problem too, I do not know. I suggest you uninstall both and that includes the AVG removal tool.

      I don’t know much about what you have done so far but, when I run into that situation where KB3020369 is just searching and searching, here is what I do:

    • #24626 Reply

      Bill C.

      Actually I have the same issue on my desktop (because it has the KB3172605 installed and WU is fast.

      I have WU set to “Never Check”. Since the Rollup started, the only way I will see the hidden updates is to launch WU and start the WU check manually. After a few minutes it will show the Rollup (Important)and the preview (Optional). If I then click on “Show Hidden Updates”, it will show them (all 6).

      If I install nothing and uncheck all the boxes and close WU, upon launching WU but not clicking check for updates, all the hidden updates are gone.

      Looking back, I belived this started after the Servicing stack update and the rollup, but I cannot be sure.

    • #24627 Reply


      Did you installed KB3172605 after KB3020369?

    • #24628 Reply


      The practice of hiding updates leaves you with orphaned records any time when Microsoft expires an update which was hidden. It is not clear if there are negative side-effects, but fact is that the cached database contains records which don’t have an equivalent record at the Microsoft master server.
      The only way to recover from this situation and start clean is to reset the DataStore.edb, or preferred method, reset all SoftwareDistribution folder to regain some space on drive C:.

    • #24629 Reply


      This was my list.
      Add KB3172605 to the list and after that run Windows Update.
      You should be OK.

    • #24630 Reply


      Hugo, you are not following my list as you have KB3020369 in that list, but you claim to install it later.
      Please install all updates from my list and KB3172605 and after that run WU.

      Or alternatively, install only KB3020369 and KB3172605 and run WU.

    • #24631 Reply


      Okay, I see what’s happening with KB 3042058. It was previously available only from the Microsoft Download Center. MS published it to WU on October 13. The patch is from May 2015. According to the TechNet article, “Microsoft initially offered the update via the Microsoft Download Center (DLC) only in order to give customers the opportunity to test the new features before making them a default part of their environments.” Really? 17 months for test! Well, I survived without it for 17 months. I suppose another month won’t hurt. Thanks, Woody.

    • #24632 Reply


      This did the work! (the URL)

      Thankyou very much Canadian Tech, and thanks all for your answares.

    • #24633 Reply


      I heard on the Security Now podcast that;


      Installed while the Windows Update service was stopped solved this issue!?

      Now I am confused :-O


    • #24634 Reply

      Dutch Tech

      KB 3172605 also changes TLS cypher suites, paving way (sinds 2015) for upcoming sha-1 feb 2017 changes. Maybe mention something about it, relating to prevention of connection issues.

    • #24635 Reply


      Thanks for all the tips everyone has been sharing. Both computers are in active process of trying to download a patch (even with high speed internet, it’s been hours for each now).

      The 8.1 tablet is attempting the July 2016 rollup because the other was already installed in August. Funny thing is that I had planned on putting the tablet in group A because I only maintain it for the owner, but no matter what patch I attempt to download, it takes forever. Once I get WU sped up, I don’t know which way I will attempt to go with it.

      Win7 desktop computer is downloading July 2016 update rollup KB3172605. I attempted to reinstall KB3020369, got message that it was already installed. Anyway to get the newer version installed? Got silverlight installed, Office patches still need to be installed.

    • #24636 Reply

      Da Boss

      See ch100’s comment earlier. I don’t hide updates (except in Win10, using wushowhide) because it doesn’t really buy you anything – and it may have unfathomable consequences.

    • #24637 Reply


      What? no
      KB3042058 was published to WU months ago
      maybe just 2 or 3 months after releasing it in May 2015
      but many users didn’t see it because they didn’t install prerequisite servicing stack update KB3020369
      and this thanks to Woody’s advise about its cosmetic restart issue 😀

    • #24638 Reply

      Da Boss

      Mea culpa!

    • #24639 Reply

      Volume Z

      Hi CT,

      you don’t have to stop the service and restart too. Restarting includes stopping the service, because it includes shutting down. 🙂

    • #24640 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      Does that mean step 3 is not needed?

    • #24641 Reply


      I am using windows 64 bit and click on the KB3172605 which appears to download but then the message comes up “searching for updates on this computer” for ages and then comes up with the message not found. Am I doing something wrong?

    • #24642 Reply

      Da Boss

      You haven’t disconnected from the internet, yes?

      Try that. It’ll add two or three hours to your life. 🙂

    • #24643 Reply

      Canadian Tech
    • #24644 Reply


      I only installed KB3172605 (with the special steps) and it worked.

    • #24645 Reply


      Yes, you’r right, I installed in that order

    • #24646 Reply


      Thank you very much Woody that worked perfectly. Very many thanks.

    • #24647 Reply

      Volume Z

      Yes… 🙂

    • #24648 Reply


      Fixed this a month ago thanks to Tweakhound

    • #24649 Reply


      I’ve had trouble (quite a while ago) with some intel bluetooth and EMET. Their services didn’t like certain security options that I had EMET enable by default/opt out (SEHOP if I recall correctly). I had to opt them out of it manually to keep the service from crashing / not working.

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution OptionsExeNameHere.exe

      I wonder if this update (KB3172605/KB3161608) sets SEHOP to opt out (programs that aren’t compatible with it need to opt out via complier flag, registry setting (above). (or crash/malfunction I guess).

      Anyone want to test this who has bluetooth with the problem? Or perhaps debug the service and see what exception code it crashes with?

    • #24650 Reply


      Hi @ch100

      Before when I try to install KB3172605 told me it was not applicable to my computer, then install KB3020369 but continued with the WU problem.

      Following special instructions from Canadian Tech I could install KB3172605 and now everything works fine.

      Many thanks!

    • #24651 Reply


      I just tried this:

      I was able to finally get KB3172605 to download and installed. WU sped back up and I was able to download and install several patches in about 5 minutes.

      Computer would not download and install KB3020369. Like I said before, it was listed as already installed, out of curiosity I tried to uninstall it. No matter on many times I click on it in any form, there is no option to uninstall or change it. Do I need this patch?

      Now, how do I fix Win8.1 tablet’s WU & Defender issue?

    • #24652 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      Happy to hear that.

    • #24653 Reply


      Servicing stack updates (KB3020369) are permanent
      and yes you need it, either KB3020369 or KB3177467

      for Win8.1, install KB3173424 > KB3172614

    • #24654 Reply

      Bill C.

      I am posting at the end for ease of navigation.

      As promised, here is my update from a post I made in various earlier sections on the Intel Bluetooth issue.

      @Poohsticks, and others with the Intel BT vs. KB3172605:

      I finally screwed up the courage and updated the Lenovo ThinkPad T440 Bluetooth Drivers today. I used the Intel Driver Update Utility v. (IDU) to identify what drivers to install. I first created a restore point. I then used the IDU to grab the newest Intel drivers. I found 2, the ProSET drivers for the wireless (WP-BT-17.1.1531.1764_s64.exe), and a second file Intel Wireless Software for Windows 7 (BT_19.0.1607_64_Win7.exe). More on the second file later.

      I installed the ProSET Drivers first using the IDU as the launcher (probably not necessary). As I posted before, the installer offered 2 options, to Repair and to Remove. Select “Repair.” Do NOT Remove! The install was uneventful and successful and necessitated a reboot.

      With fingers crossed, I waited for boot and turned on the Bose speaker. It worked! Successful stage 1! No Action Center warnings.

      I then used the IDU to launch the second file Intel Wireless Software for Windows 7 (BT_19.0.1607_64_Win7.exe). It too proceeded and completed, however on reboot the tray showed a failure to load drivers and then the dreaded blue screen. I rebooted and Windows started, but again the errors and the blue screen. Failure on stage 2.

      (NOTE: For those with the Intel BT problem, start with stage one and see if it works. If so go to stage 3.)

      I rebooted into safe mode and did a system restore, which offered up to restore after the ProSET Drivers (para 1). The restore was uneventful and successful.

      I then checked my Installed Programs in Control Panel. It showed ProSET Wireless Software v. and Intel Wireless Bluetooth Patch v.17.1.1531.1764. That setup works on my Intel N7260 Intel Wireless Bluetooth adapter. The Intel IDU showed the version for file WP-BT-17.1.1531.1764_s64.exe is v. I was very encouraged to see the listing in Installed Programs as “patch”.

      Now for the acid test of Stage 3. I then installed the WU patch for KB3172605 from the Update Catalog. It successfully installed and even before logging in to the laptop I heard the Bose speaker beep that it was connected. So yes, Intel offered a patch that works for the later adapters. My first patch was dated 9/12 and it failed with bluescreens, however this last patch was dated at the end of September.

      Finally Stage 4. I manually launched WU (currently set to Never Check). Before KB3172605, after the October patch Tuesday, my WU ran for 33 hours without success (it had been fast after the September speedup even without 605.) WU took 3 minutes and gave me the outstanding updates, like October Rollup 330 and the Preview, plus some hardware stuff with I never install with WU. Success!!!

      As a follow-up, I decided to follow ch100’s recommendation and I un-hid all my hidden updates except KB2952664. I re-ran WU to see if any disappeared. None did. I then re-hid all the telemetry ones and installed the rest. I now have only 6 hidden plus the latest MSE update. I then installed the security-only patch for October. I then again ran WU and no new stuff. WU remains on Never, and all is stable now.

      Sorry for the length. I hope this helps.

    • #24655 Reply


      Thank you for the help.

    • #24656 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      abbodi86 & Wooody,

      I have used the procedure in the Answers forum post (below) many times. I do not pretend to know why or how. I think it kind of resets WU.

      Sometimes WU seems to be screwed up and just does not work. This fixs it every time for me.

      I have seen many cases in the Answers forum when people reported getting error codes and this procedure worked.

      This procedure has a great advantage over the Internet disconnect that Woody recommends, I can do it remotely. Anyone like me who provides a lot of support remotely (Logmein in my case), can’t do the disconnect procedure.

    • #24657 Reply

      Da Boss

      That’s great. Could you take a look at tomorrow’s post on InfoWorld and tell me where I screwed up? 🙂

    • #24658 Reply


      Sorry, you misunderstood my recommendation. KB2952664 is the one which mainly needs to be unhidden, but if you decide so, you do not have to install it.
      I explained this concept too many times here already, I am not revisiting it and I am not posting again about Windows 7 unless something entirely exceptional happens.
      Everyone is entitled to decide for themselves, but I think Windows has become too complex for users with limited technical understanding and those who decide to manage it outside of the official guidelines, would be better off by using only a browser and connecting to Cloud services.
      Maybe Woody’s idea about using Chromebooks is the best compromise in that direction.

    • #24659 Reply



      That’s why I was hesitant to “turn off the internet” by disabling my network adapter. Previously (depending on the machine) I either turned off WiFi or unplugged the ethernet cable.

      Then I found a simpler way: I now use “Internet Off” it’s a small freeware utility from Crystal Rich (makers of USB Safely Remove and Zentimo):

      Now I can turn the internet on or off by simply clicking an icon in my system tray. My only complaint is that it’s not portable.

    • #24660 Reply


      Well said…

      and I suspect THAT is precisely M$’s intention of making Windows “too complex for users with limited technical understanding.”

      And so, they’re be forced to conform to M$’s vision of what really amounts to “using only a browser and connecting to Cloud services.”

    • #24661 Reply


      You are right and understood exactly the meaning of what I tried to explain, only that it can backfire and send users to the competitors like the Chromebooks already mentioned. Some of those competitors and Google in particular seem to have more advanced solutions to connect and work with the Cloud, at least for now.

    • #24662 Reply


      I was tempted to propose the same solution earlier, but what about users on Static IP? They have to temporary remove the Default Gateway. 🙂

    • #24663 Reply


      Try only setting WU to Never check, that setting should be enough in most situations.

    • #24664 Reply


      @Bill C.,

      Thank you for your description of what you did!
      It’s so appreciated when people follow up.

      I hope that works out well for your computer!

      About 3 or 4 days ago, I checked my Lenovo’s ThinkVantage System Update (I do that about once a month),
      and it actually offered me a new update for my Bluetooth adapter, which the Lenovo description specifically said was to fix the problems with windows update KB3172605.

      I described that more here:

    • #24665 Reply


      I’m just getting around to this. What do I do if KB 3020369 itself is taking forever to install “Searching for updates…”? Will it eventually complete? It’s been going for over 15 minutes so far, on a Core i5 machine at 3.4GHz.

      Thanks for any tips.

    • #24666 Reply

      Canadian Tech
    • #24667 Reply

      Da Boss

      If you’re trying this approach:

      relax. Let it run. It’ll take a long time. You can disconnect from the internet if it’s easy.

    • #24668 Reply


      Thanks for the info! It’s been running a couple hours so far. I’ll keep waiting.

    • #24669 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good advice.

    • #24670 Reply


      Thanks! I have both patches installed after resetting Windows Update, on at least one PC. I’m going to wait a day or two before braving the next.

      I’m in Group B. I have the October security-only update installed, and just read the articles outlining how the November security update was pulled. Given DEFCON 2, I suppose I just sit and wait with a 2-month old security profile, eh? Gotta love Microsoft.

    • #24671 Reply

      Da Boss

      You should be OK installing the November Security-only patch. But I’d definitely wait a bit before tackling the Dec Security-only patch.

    • #24672 Reply


      Thanks Woody. I failed to click on the update catalog, since I didn’t see a direct download link from the KB article, and posts here seemed to imply the update was pulled a few days ago. I didn’t see anyone posting it had been reinstated!

    • #24673 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yep, it’s baaaaaaaack…

    • #24674 Reply


      Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

      I had an issue though with the stand alone installer which just went round and round, forever?
      So I rebooted, plugged ethernet cable back in, downloaded the other update (KB3020369),
      Then pulled the cable again, went into services and stopped windows update,
      then started windows installer and windows modules installer!

      Have to say that I am NOT competent so the above may be very bad advice but on double clicking
      KB3020369 it took about 10 seconds and it began to install it.
      Then I double clicked KB3172605 and again it began to install within 10 seconds?
      Restarted, ran update which very quickly found 150 important and 64 optional.
      (fresh install which stopped after 23 updates when windows updater updated its self??)

      After reading your advice I have installed all updates except the dec rollout and 1 dec optional?

      If this is bad advice please delete it.

      Thanks again.

    • #24675 Reply

      Canadian Tech

      lake, take a look at this thread in the Microsoft forum. It has been used by literally hundreds of thousands. Viewed over 170,000 times, more than a thousand replies. Goes on for over 100 pages. It is the solution for the Windows Update problem.

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