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  • There’s that Win10 “400 million” number again

    Posted on November 30th, 2016 at 10:55 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Microsoft’s having its annual Shareholder Meeting at the moment. Amy Hood mentioned 400 million active Win10 devices. Now there’s a demo (I missed the name of the presenter, sorry) that again repeats the 400 million number.

    Tomorrow we’ll see the monthly reports on Windows usage from NetMarketshare and StatCounter. I wonder if we’re going to see another disappointing month?

    On Sept. 26, at Ignite, Microsoft announced Win10 was running on 400 million “monthly active devices.” On July 15, the number was 350 million.

    Is it possible that Win10 adoption has been nearly static for the past two months? Or are we looking at roundoff errors – a reticence to spill all the beans?

    With something like 20 million new PCs being sold every month, and Win10 coming along for the ride on most machines, you have to ask where all the Win10 users (er, monthly active devices) are going.

    A month ago, Terry Myerson referred to “the billion people, all around the world, using Windows” — in spite of Microsoft’s claim, for many years, which pegged the number of Windows users at 1.5 billion.

    I wonder what’s ahead tomorrow…

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      Da Boss

      Microsoft’s having its annual Shareholder Meeting at the moment. Amy Hood mentioned 400 million active Win10 devices. Now there’s a demo (I missed the
      [See the full post at: There’s that Win10 “400 million” number again]

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      Ohh i just love dear old M$’s frequent forays to fantasy island. Not 5 mins ago i just saw on the TV the latest offering from M$ a veritable bargain to get those ole “creative juices” flowing at $2950. Well i know folks from various parts of the world very few of whom would lash out that much for a laptop (actually none) need or want a machine that can design ski’s at the dining room table (not big in asia) can survive the rigours of airline travel in “stowed baggage” (definately not recommneded for any laptop) spring back to life after a crash (bet ya theres no recovery media/disk) oodles of crudware (like we need more of that!) Then when the next “must have” looms on to the horizon can you repurpose the the machine to run somthing more ammeanable to the average user? (bet ya everything remotely useful is locked out of sight in the BIOS making say Win7X64 EFI/GPT/MBR a nightmare to install) The sales/uptake figures for win10 reflect the rise of the “infernal” cell phone and the built in obscelence of the modern laptop ie going the way of the “everlasting light bulb” and it could be as simple as folks just waiting out the apparent negativity of reviews for win10. For the average user win10 is an improvement in stability but for me its yet another release with its own peculiar set of problems, which is fine when you have time to idulge its little idiosyncacies but there are times when i just want to hit the on button and go. So still a work in prospect but at the same time challenging and i feel the numbers probably reflect this.

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      My money’s on a drop or no change, with W7 and W8.1 showing increase.

      Poor market share is the only thing that has a chance of convincing Microsoft that their Windows 10 flagship has run aground.

      Dropping their crazy blinkered obsession with developing new features above everything else, fixing the awful updates QA, and attending to existing bugs and annoyances will go a long way to salvaging it. And the bundling, cumulative, forced update methodology should go under the microscope too. Forget “Creator’s Update”, make it the “Course Correction Update”.

      Finally, they could do much to return control of the OS back to the users. Let users control updates, settings, etc.

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      Canadian Tech

      I don’t know what you are reading, but everywhere I go, I hear people speaking of Microsoft in ANGRY words.

      I don’t know a single soul who is planning on buying a Microsoft product. Many say never again. They are angry about owning a product of diminishing value that is intentionally being diminished by Microsoft.

      If computer sales fall, it is not BECAUSE they prefer a smart phone. It is BECAUSE, they did not like the computer as an alternative.

      I have been saying for at least a year now that I give Windows 10 TWO years before it is an admitted failure.

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      Lurks About

      W10 is treading water at ~400 million users. Thus there are about ~20 million users leaving to something else. Most are likely going back to W7 or W8.1 but some are leaving Windows permanently. Apple and Google are not announcing figures that lead one to believe they are the main beneficiaries of this migration. Their sales figures would be showing an increasing growth. That leaves some are installing a Linux distro.

      Any migration from Windows to X right now will not seem significant. But as the installed base for Macs, Chromebooks, and Linux grows it will be more common to see them and users will be more familiar with them. With many staying with W7 and W8.1 until end of support this means some will learn more about alternatives and might be willing to jump.

      Also, the idea of cloud based services means the user’s OS is less relevant as long as they can run a standards compliant browser.

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      Win 10 adoption has likely dwindled. The excessive greed of M$ will likely be their downfall, esp when the Enterprise sector also forsake M$’s Win 10, eg keep Win 7/8.1 Ent until EOL in 2020/2023 b4 moving to another Ent OS.
      Hopefully, there will soon be a giant tech company to fill the gap, eg Google’s Fuchsia OS or Canonical’s Ubuntu OS.

      Expensive Apple MacOS cptrs r mostly for the rich elitists n nose-high-up graphitists.
      …….. Companies should go for fair profits, eg profit margin of about 10% to 20%, n not profit-gouge their customers.
      Since most Apple iSheep are willing to be profit-gouged by Apple to the tune of about 50% profit margin or more, they should also be “forced” to pay 50% or more in income tax to their govt.

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      And when you look at those numbers, you need to remember that a lot of folks are unable to go back to Win 7 or 8.1 for lack of technical expertise and fear of breaking their computer…

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      I for one will NEVER purchase another Microsoft product EVER again. I was going to buy a new Mac Book Pro before the end of the year, but have now decided on a new iPad Pro. The Mac Book is TOO expensive for my blood, so I trust the iPad will meet my needs. I will keep my old Dell running Vista to store my files on and for composing letters, but nothing else. I will take the Dell off the Internet, so there is no need to update anything. I will use the new iPad for surfing the Internet, and to send and receive e-mails, plus many other things a Apple can do.

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      Too soon to say what Fuchsia will be, let alone its impact on Windows use. But Ubuntu is definitely not going to catch on with the mass market. It isn’t simple, plug n play, so will likely only appeal to power users. That’s a small market.

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      Canadian Tech

      I believe your plan, Allen is exactly what a very large number of Windows owners will do. In fact a lot have already done that but have not yet pulled the network plug. They just use the PC way more than they thought they would 3 or 4 years ago.

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      Canadian Tech

      I agree completely rcprimak. Although some smart fellow could surely come up with a way of standardizing an Ubuntu offering that took the techie out of the loop.

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      Canadian Tech

      I lurk on the Answers forum a lot. If what I read is any indication, a hell of a lot people tried Win7 and dumped it. In fact a huge number of those got really messed up.

      Win10 supposedly provided a “reversion” back to the original OS. Fact is, in many cases it left them with a Win7 system that did not function correctly. Then they had to re-install Win7. However a subset of those had “refurb” computers that did not have a licence that could be re-used, and no install disk. Resulting in a lot of electronic bricks and very angry customers.

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