• Time to say “thanks” for GWX Control Panel

    Free upgrade has ended

    Now that the “Get Windows 10” push is over, it’s a good time to thank Josh Mayfield for all the work he put into protecting everybody from the marched upgrade to Win10.

    Head over to Josh’s “Donate” page and send him whatever you can afford. I just did.

    We’re lucky to be in an industry where one guy can stand up to a huge company, and actually make a difference.

    Josh did more than write GWX Control Panel. He sorted out Microsoft’s documentation. About a year ago, Microsoft published KB 3080351, a set of guidelines for administrators, telling them how to keep “Get Windows 10” off their clients’ computers. One little problem: The guidelines were wrong. Riddled with errors.

    Josh went in and reverse engineered Microsoft’s erroneous documentation. He showed me the results, which became my January 8 InfoWorld post, Banishing ‘Get Windows 10’ nagware isn’t as easy as you think.

    Somebody at Microsoft saw Josh’s work, likely muttered an epithet or two, and rapidly changed KB 3080351. Before January 8, many industry wags parroted the information in that KB. After January 8, they parroted again – but they had the details right.

    So raise a glass to Josh, toast his health and longevity. And slip him some green while you’re at it. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from him.