• Time to upgrade to Windows 10?

    I’m getting more and more of this kind of inquiry. From NG:

    I live in a village of 3500 homes in the heart of the UK and write articles for our local village magazine, sometimes on computer related issues and how to protect themselves online.   Many of the readers are silver surfers and the question they are now asking with just 2 months to go is “Should I upgrade to Windows 10”. I’m perhaps the wrong one to ask as I’m still using Windows 8 after being pleasantly surprised when I reluctantly changed from XP that I could tailor the Start screen to my own needs and the whole thing wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

    Most of the local Silvers are using Windows 7 and some Windows 8 or 8.1, which I believe mirrors usage across the world. They have basic needs and probably go along with the dreaded automatic updating. My inclination is to say :

    “if you are happy with what you have and don’t need the new knobs and whistles in Windows10 then carry on. By the time your Microsoft support ends you’ll probably want a new PC anyway, and it will come with Windows 10.” But that begs the question, when does support for 7 and 8 end?

    What would your advice to them be, stick or switch? I have until about June 19th to submit something to the magazine. Can you help a bunch of old geysers decide? (That includes me!)


    Before you Yanks jump in, you need to know that the word “geyser” in the Queen’s English is pronounced “geezer.” But I digress.

    My best advice right now is to wait. We’ll know a whole lot more about the next version of Win10 — the so-called Anniversary Update — by the middle of July. Keep watching AskWoody.com for a final word.

    Folks need to understand that Win10 is quite different from Win7 and Win8.1 — not just the interface (which is a little different), but the fact that Win10 gives you very little control over being updated (as “Get Windows 10” victims will understand, as the advertising campaign was forced onto PCs without user consent) and it snoops more than its predecessors.

    Neither of those is horrible, but they’re important points to understand if you want to see the whole picture.