• Two different versions of KB 3035583 issued on the 23rd and 24th

    Ends up there’s a reason why the KB article and the Windows Update site weren’t updated until a day after the new “Get Windows 10” nagware/malware was released.

    Big thanks to RD for sending me the timeline:

    It turns out that KB3035583 (and SUS/WSUS B894199) weren’t revised until after KB3035583 was pushed to Win7/Win8.1 late on the 23rd/early on the 24th. From Properties section of each KB:

    Article ID: 3035583 – Last Review: 02/24/2016 15:20:00 [UTC – i.e., 7:20 AM Pacific] – Revision: 10.0

    Article ID: 894199 – Last Review: 02/24/2016 15:23:00 [UTC – i.e., 7:23 AM Pacific] – Revision: 244.0

    KB3035583 was offered here at approx. 07:30 UTC on the 24th (i.e., 11:30 PM Pacific on the 23rd).

    FWIW a program update which upgrades Microsoft Security Essentials to v4.9.218.0 was also pushed late on the 24th. The dummy KB3140527 is associated with the update (‘dummy’ as in there isn’t a legit KB page, at least not one that’s publicly available).