• Two versions of KB 2952664

    I’ve seen several reports from people who have two versions of KB 2952664 sitting on their machines. Yesterday, ch100 sent me this explanation:

    I don’t know how interesting this is for you as it seems to repeat regularly now.

    Here is a screenshot of MU on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate with 2 versions of KB2952664 on offer – one Recommended dated 12/04/2016, the other Optional dated Yesterday.

    I am expecting that the Optional one will take over next main Patch Tuesday while the Recommended one will be retired at the same time.

    Notice that both are unchecked by default.

    The Important tab has the current Office 2013 Updates unchecked, less the Definitions Update which has already been installed.

    Screenshots are as you would expect, showing two different versions of 2952664.