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  • Win7 updates take hours – or days? Try this combination to fix it

    Posted on April 19th, 2016 at 08:06 woody 121 comments

    As reported here by EP, with ch100 and Noel Carboni.

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    121 Responses to “Win7 updates take hours – or days? Try this combination to fix it”

    1. WFC11 says:

      Thanks Woody for this great information. I can’t even count the number of people I know who have this problem. But there are even more serious issues with Windows Update:

      With my Firewall Control enabled and locked down with custom settings, I see the Windows Update client constantly trying to open connections to different servers on port 137 (FILE & SCREEN SHARING) throughout the update process. When I manually block these activities through the firewall alert dialog, the update proceeds normally. (In other words, Microsoft is apparently using port 137 connections for spying & tracking purposes.) And all of the updates are done over an insecure, unencrypted port 80 channel – making them subject to tampering.

      Windows is monstrously insecure by design and this is DELIBERATE, folks. Why do you think it lacks a decent application firewall – and the task manager lacks a traffic monitor feature like Process Hacker? Move along, nothing to see here, ha ha !

    2. Tex says:

      I just had to “thank-you” Woody for what you found and shared to solve this problem. I was unable to get Windows 7 update to even work again after accepting and then declining the Windows 10 Upgrade back in July 2015. After many hours of research and trying many things, I finally got rid of the “Are you ready to install Windows 10” ground-hog day nightmare.

      Then I faced incredibly long installation times for the (92) outstanding Windows 7 “important updates”. I was seeing on average 3hrs to process an update whether it was 1 or 10 updates. Your solution was the ticket and now I can install Win7 updates in less than 2 minutes (like it used to be before Win 10’s Upgrade debacle). Many thanks to you!

    3. Adrian says:

      Here it goes, I decided today to do a fresh install of my windows 7 ultimate OEM. Had the slow update problem recently, but it wasn’t really an inconvenience since I was fairly up to date with my updated. Now, fresh install, Windows update takes forever and ever, tried the combination of those 2 updates installed manually and it’s been stuck on searching for updates for over 20 minutes now. Just before I tried this fix I also tried using cc cleaner and deleting the chache but nothing seems to work for me at the moment. What in the actual f$&# ?!

      • woody says:

        I recently did the same thing, and was surprised to find that manually installing the IE patch took more than an hour. Once it went in, though, everything was much faster.

    4. ch100 says:

      Adrian, try not to install all updates at once if you are behind 100+ patches. Start with Updates as this category include all functional fixes. I would go for all Recommended too, but this is an option for the user to decide, I won’t insist. Install groups of 20-30 at a time until all Updates are installed. Continue with Security in the same way, while leaving IE and its patches last.
      If the original image comes with SP1 included, install KB2533552 manually first patch before installing anything else. In this way you avoid being offered “Service Pack 1” which is just a fancy name for the missing KB2533552 in this case.
      The machine needs to have min 2 CPUs and ideally 6GB RAM, but 4 GB will do the job, although a bit slower. Talking about 64-bit only. 32-bit machines cannot use more that 3 GB RAM due to artificial blocks built into the system licensing files for Windows 7.
      With less that 2 Intel CPU cores you can expect very long delays.
      This is all. At the end of the process with all updates installed, Optional updates can be left out for a later decision, it should not take more than 5 minutes to scan WU, normally less, for a machine with the minimum specs as above.
      Otherwise something else may not be right.

    5. David says:

      Hi, I have downloaded KB3145739 to install. However the windows update standalone installer is taking forever to install it.

      Any suggestions?

    6. David says:

      Thanks Woody,
      I have downloaded that. But it is still a long time to install it with windows update standalone installer.


    7. Antonius says:

      The updates KB3138612 and KB 3145739 are ment for x64 versions of Windows.These updates will not be installed on a x32 version. Most users have a x32 version. Pity on us! Maybe someone has a solution for the x32 users.

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