• Win7 users: Install KB 3161664 to speed up Windows Update scans

    This from EP:

    The Windows Update search/scan “forever” problem has once again resurfaced for Win7 SP1 as of June 14 (June Patch Tuesday).  The KB3153199 Win7 updates are no longer doing the job. And once again a new win32k.sys security update (KB3161664) has been released (MS16-073), which supersedes/replaces KB3153199.  Win7 SP1 users should now install KB3161664 to speed up Windows Update scans instead of KB3153199 as of today 6/14.

    So far I have not gotten any Windows 10 upgrade offers on my Win7 computers as I already used GWX Control Panel and Never10 tools to permanently disable Windows 10 upgrades.