• Win7 Windows Update once again taking forever

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ER just hit me with this:

    Sad to say this Tuesday May 10, 1pm pacific time, doing a recent Windows Update scan on a Win7 SP1 system has resulted in a seemingly long or “forever” scan.  So the KB3145739 security fix as well as the older KB3139852 fix no longer works as of 5/10/2016 (yup, I knew it – I saw it coming!)

    There is a newer win32k.sys security update posted on May 10 – KB3153199 (MS16-062)


    While KB3153199 only updates the win32k.sys file (and does not supersede KB3145739 but DOES supersede KB3139852), I will manually download & install the KB3153199 security fix on my Win7 machines to resolve the very long WU scan problem.

    Can anybody else replicate?

    UPDATE: Reader LT confirms: “I was able to duplicate the KB3153199 fix for the long check for updates. “